Marine Biology Undergraduate Programs

Marine Biology Bachelors Degrees

The Marine Biology program provides undergraduate a strong background of marine biological systems with rigorous upper division coursework in multiple areas. The curricula allows students to receive foundational knowledge of a broad array of marine systems to prepare them for various professions. Undergraduate students in the Bachelor of Science program are required to participate in a research project which they may work with various faculty members at the institution or find outside mentors to gain field and laboratory experience in a research setting. Students within the Bachelor of Arts program are required to participate in a synthesis experience working in marine related fields under supervision of professionals.

Student Learning Outcomes

For a BA, or BS in Marine Biology, students will be able to:

Biological Knowledge: 
Synthesis and Application
1. Explain biological processes from molecules to ecosystems in an evolutionary context, including being able to use examples from Hawai‘i.
Critical Thinking and Reasoning Skills2. Demonstrate scientific literacy by critically evaluating scientific evidence, identifying gaps in knowledge, and applying strong evidence-based biological arguments to real-world problems.
3. Apply the scientific method to generate new hypotheses, formulate experimental approaches and outline potential outcomes, applying appropriate logical and quantitative methods.
Values4. Work individually and in teams in an ethical manner, and demonstrate respect for diversity of viewpoints
Communication skills5. In oral and written forms, be able to communicate biological information clearly and professionally.

Which degree should I choose?

Bachelor of Science – Designed to give students a solid foundation and broad background in the principles and the diverse ways of thinking in biology as appropriate preparation for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) in Biology and for specialized graduate study in the field.  The BS is comprised of more courses within the major, providing students a more focused degree.

Program Sheet

Directed ResearchInterested in scientific research? Join a research lab and conduct research for course credit (e.g., BIOL 499) under the mentorship of UH Mānoa faculty or scientists outside of the university. See also the Student Academic Success Center for additional opportunities.
BIOL 403: Field Studies in Marine Biology
Summer Course: Offered as BIOL403, Marine Biology majors have the opportunity to live at Moku o Lo‘e (Coconut Island) while conducting group research projects over the summer.  The deadline to apply is Friday, March 10th, 2023.

Bachelor of Arts – An adaptable program leading to a liberal arts education.  Students complete a greater number of courses outside of the major providing a diverse educational experience and more flexibility to pursue a minor/certificate.

Program Sheet

Synthesis Requirement:Students within the Bachelor of Arts program are required to participate in a synthesis experience working in marine-related fields under supervision of professionals
BIOL 400: Ocean InternshipsBIOL 400 provides an opportunity to complete marine related internships either on- or off- campus for course credit. Please refer to the guidelines for more details and to submit a proposal.

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