BIOL 403

Field Studies in Marine Biology

Integrated program of intensive lectures, laboratory experiments, and field research that focus on the biological processes that shape the lives of marine organisms.

A-F only. Limited space; enrollment by consent; GPA considered.

6 week schedule, with the first two weeks virtual and the last four weeks in residence at HIMB

Applicants should be enrolled in or have passed BIOL 301/L with a “C” or higher.

This course can be used to fufill the Biological Probems requirement for Marine Biology undergraduates

Sign up for BIOL 403: Field Studies in Marine Biology for Summer 2024

When: Summer session II: July 1, 2024 – Aug 9, 2024

Where: Hawaii Institute for Marine Biology on Moku o Loʻe

Deadline to Apply: March 8th, 2024

More Information:  BIOL 403 is a great opportunity to meet Directed Research requirements for Marine Biology undergraduates. The last four weeks of this immersion course will be held IN PERSON at Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB). Students will live in the dorms at Moku O Loe and will have daily snorkel-based fieldwork. Students will also apply statistics to their results, prepare a written report, and give a final public presentation. This intensive experience will require full immersion, i.e. it will be conducted similarly to a research cruise, with an expectation of full-time attendance for these four weeks and no jumping ship! Additional costs for HIMB dorms, food, and facilities use fees will be approximately $2,000 per student in addition to tuition.