The University of Hawaiʻi is committed to reducing the cost of textbooks.  Classes that have no textbook costs are designated as TXT0 in Banner.

While we cannot guarantee that we will have every textbook, see if Hamilton Library has one of your textbooks, use the OneSearch tool.

Searching suggestions:

  • Try putting the title of your textbook in quotation marks, so you would search for “Braiding Sweetgrass” as a phrase.
  • Add the author’s last name (outside the quotation marks) and use the filters on the left side to limit the search to books, etc.
  • Search by ISBN to ensure that you are finding the specific edition of the book.

Instructors can request the TXT0 designation in Banner when filling out the course schedule that is submitted to the department.  More information on TXT0 can be found at

There are various ways that costs are being reduced this is being accomplished:

  1. Hamilton Library can often, but not always, purchase unlimited licenses for e-books, which can then be accessed by anyone connected to UHM. The library has secured access to hundreds of these books. Unfortunately, for some publishers, such as Pearson, this is rarely possible. To explore this possibility, please contact the liaison librarian in your discipline (view list of discipline librarians).
  1. Faculty can adopt Open-Access Educational Resources (OER), which often textbooks that students can freely download. For more information on OER, visit
  1. The UH Bookstore also offers used books and books that can be rented for a semester.
  1. Hamilton Library also offers a “controlled digital lending” service, which allows one person at a time to access a book online. More information is available at

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