Call for Proposals

The call for proposals for AY 2023-2024 scholarships is now closed. Please visit this website in Fall 2024 for the next academic year’s call for proposals.

Library Treasures Scholarships for Academic Year 2023-2024

The University of Hawaiʻi Library at Mānoa (“UHM Library”) is offering Library Treasures Scholarships for the academic year of 2023-2024. The purpose of the scholarships is to promote the use of the UHM Library’s collections by our students, raise awareness about the educational values of our library’s unique holdings, and offer the expertise of our subject specialist librarians. The UHM Library is committed to providing wide-ranging services to our students and assisting them with their respective pursuit of academic excellence.

Students in any discipline and at any level of study are invited to submit proposals of projects that involve the use of the UHM Library’s collections, and whose final outcome will result in the production of a research or creative piece. Proposed projects may be an integral part of faculty-guided undergraduate or graduate course-related activities, such as those required in research seminars, labs, and creative media. One summer scholarship will be awarded to the best proposal. The scholarship recipient will present the final product at a public event that the UHM Library will host in Spring 2024.

Scholarship Category

  • Library Treasures Scholarships for AY 2023-2024 – $500 per proposal


  • Students at the University of Hawaiʻi at any level of study and in any disciplines, fields, and areas of specialization are eligible.
  • The estimated graduation time is Fall 2024 or later.
  • Priority will be given to first-time applicants.

Competition Schedule

  • Proposal submission deadline: Friday, November 24, 2023 (by midnight)
  • Notification to scholarship recipients: Friday, December 15, 2023
  • Presentation of final works by scholarship recipients: Friday, April 26, 2024

Application Requirements

Use UH File Drop to transmit the application package (Items #1-4 listed below) to Yuma Totani (Professor, Department of History; yuma.totani@hawaii.edu) by the submission deadline. Item #5 (to be completed by a faculty mentor) should be sent directly to the same email address.

  1. A project title (not to exceed 30 words) and a statement (not to exceed 1,500 words) describing your project. The statement should address the following questions: (1) which part of the library collections you intend to use and why, (2) how you plan to address the evaluation criteria as indicated below, and (3) which librarians you have contacted to seek guidance on the collection of your interest.

    A budget is not required. However, indicate in the statement if you expect to incur any costs in pursuit of your project (such as the purchase of equipment).

  1. A plan of work and a list of library resources that you plan to use. Indicate if you would like to obtain special permission to access the library sources of your choosing.
  2. An up-to-date curriculum vitae of the applicant.
  3. UH WH-1 Form. This form must be completed by every applicant.
  4. Faculty Mentor Form. Each project proposal must have a faculty mentor under whose guidance the student will seek to bring the proposed project to a conclusion. Scholarship applicants may choose as a faculty mentor any individual who holds a faculty position at the University of Hawaiʻi.

    The faculty mentor is requested to complete this form and email it directly to Yuma Totani (yuma.totani@hawaii.edu).

Evaluation Criteria

The following evaluation criteria apply to all proposals:

  • Sources: The proposed project utilizes sources that are available at the UHM Library, and it identifies their importance in the relevant fields of study.
  • Analytical content: The proposed project analyzes the sources and explains their historical significance.
  • Plan of work: The proposed project has a clear, practicable plan of work.
  • Artistic, technical, and communicative content: The proposed project discusses what sorts of innovative visual, sound, editing, and storytelling techniques it plans to apply.
    *The fourth criterion (artistic, technical, and communicative content) is applicable to proposals on creative works only.

Library Materials

Students are invited to explore any part of the vast collections at the University of Hawaiʻi Library at Mānoa, which include general library materials, special collections on closed shelves, maps, government documents, manuscripts and archives, video-recordings and DVDs, musical recordings, and electronic/digital resources. The UHM Library website offers various guides to the library collections. See, for instance, Exhibits. See also “Librarians’ Picks

Tax Information

The Library Treasures Scholarships are considered as an income and hence subject to withholding and reporting.

Contact Person

Please email Jean C. Thoulag, Access Services Librarian, for questions regarding resources and access (email thoulagj@hawaii.edu; phone 808-956-2468).

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