100 Graduates in Native Hawaiian Law

Top, L to R: Kaily Wakefield, Anna Koethe, Jordan Ching, Kimball Day Boone, Nina Ki, Letani Peltier. Bottom, L to R: Elyse Oyama, Olan Leimomi Morgan Fisher, Kamalolo Koanui-Kong, Cassandra Chang, Nahelani Kalei Kelsey Webster

Ka Huli Ao Celebrates 100 Graduates in Native Hawaiian Law!

In May 2017, Ka Huli Ao awarded its 100th Certificate in Native Hawaiian Law! The first of its kind, the Native Hawaiian Law Certificate is awarded to students who complete a range of courses that prepare them with the knowledge and tools to advance the legal rights of Native Hawaiians and other Pacific and Indigenous Peoples.

For example, students take courses in Native Hawaiian Rights, Federal Indian Law, international law, human rights and natural resources law, among others, and do clinical work and intensive legal writing on Native Hawaiian and Indigenous legal issues.  Ka Huli Ao awarded the its first three Certificates in 2007 (then known as Pacific Asian Legal Studies Certificates with a Specialty in Native Hawaiian Law).  Ka Huli Ao has awarded stand-alone Native Hawaiian Law Certificates since 2010.

Ka Huli Ao congratulates our 2017 Native Hawaiian Law Certificate graduates, Kimball Day Boone, Cassandra Chang, Jordan Ching, Olan Leimomi Morgan Fisher, Nina Ki, Kamalolo Koanui-Kong, Anna Koethe, Elyse Oyama, Letani Peltier, Kaily Wakefield, and Nahelani Kalei Kelsey Webster!