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Learning Specialists

The Learning Specialist assists student-athletes in identifying possible learning disabilities, coordinating appropriate testing, acting as liaison with the Office of Disability Services (Kokua) and developing academic support plans based on individual strengths/needs.

If a student-athlete has a learning disability, ADHD, or other condition that impacts their performance, the Learning Specialist will be a valuable resource. The Learning Specialist works closely with student-athletes regarding accommodations, assistive technology, campus and community resources, and effective strategies to facilitate success. The Learning Specialist can also assist student-athletes in understanding applicable policies and procedures for individuals with disabilities.

Any student-athlete may make an appointment with the Learning Specialist to gain insight into their learning styles, academic strategies and for support in identifying services that they can access.

Ikaika Program

The Ikaika program is run by the SAAS learning specialist and is set up to provide structured assistance to academically at-risk student-athletes. The goal of the Ikaika program is for these student-athletes to move at their own pace to a more structured and supported study program. Ikaika has several components, including content tutoring, individual instruction, group instruction, class note checking, independent study time, referral for neuropsychological/psycho-educational testing and assistance navigating the Kokua office on campus.


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Learning Specialists & Ikaika Program