Contribute to Our Projects

Multilingualism in Hawaiʻi has several ongoing citizen-science projects with the goal of engaging with the public on the many languages that are found in Hawaiʻi. We welcome the public to contribute to these projects.

Linguistic Landscape Corpus

Using the Lingscape linguistic landscape platform, users submit geotagged photos of languages they find in public spaces around Hawaiʻi.

Story Maps of Hawaiʻi

The Story Maps of Hawaiʻi page features story maps that tell about Hawaiʻi’s multilingual and multicultural linguistic landscape. We encourage contributions to Multilingual Hawaiʻi and have provided several resources to help you create a story map.

Online Multilingualism in Hawaiʻi

With the popularity of social media, the public may submit social media posts (i.e., Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) that show language use throughout Hawaiʻi.