Contribute a Story Map

Here we have provided instructions of two formats to create a story map using ArcGIS. For examples of story maps, please visit our “Story Maps of Hawaiʻi” page. To submit your story map, please complete the Multilingual Hawaiʻi Story Map Contribution Form.

The Guided Map Tour template is useful if you want to create a virtual walking tour. Here, the main feature is the map that accompanies the image and text associated with the location. The Guided Map Tour is ideal if you are sharing pictures from multiple locations. If the focus of your story is based on a single location, the Sidecar option would be more beneficial.

Sidecar template is useful if you want to create a story that focuses on a single location and use pictures as the main focus. The template includes a picture on the right, while the left column can be used to add text, links, maps, images, and videos.