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University of the Philippines Diliman

Program Terms:

Spring Semester, Fall Semester & Academic Year


The University of the Philippines Diliman is a coeducational, research university and among the top universities in the world. It was established in 1949 as the flagship campus and seat of administration of the University of the Philippines System, the national university of the Philippines. The campus boasts famous art and architecture, including the Oblation and one of the largest sundials in the world, as well as gardens, scenic walks, and top rate research facilities. With no prerequisites, students can design their own schedule to get the most out of their time abroad.

Located in the largest city in the Philippines, the university provides students with a social, interactive urban environment in which to study and spend time with friends. Recently, Quezon City has become the hub of information technology as well as its entertainment industry in the Philippines.

Academic Details:

Students may choose any course from any college/unit in UP Diliman upon approval of the specific college/unit subject to availability of slots. This is to check if the student satisfies whatever necessary background or pre-requisite courses for a particular course, and if there are still vacant slots. There are minimal, or almost no pre-requisites for General Education (GE) courses.

Other units, such as the Virata School of Business, the National Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, and the College of Engineering, will check the transcript of the students, if they have sufficient background for the level of the course that they want to enroll in. → In the case of taking higher English courses, the Department of English and Comparative Literature (DECL) will give a diagnostic exam prior to enlistment in the English course desired by the student, to determine if the English competency level of the student is appropriate for the course level.

English is the general language of instruction in UP Diliman, but take note that some courses may be taught in Filipino, or in both English and Filipino.

Some courses are seasonal and are only offered during a specific semester (e.g. Filipino 3/Fil 3 is only offered during the First Semester, and Fil 4 is only offered during the Second Semester), so some courses may not be available during your period of stay. (Source: UP Diliman Fact Sheet 2017-2018)

Housing Details:

There are 13 halls of residence offered for students. The residence halls’ built-in program of activities and services complement the academic programs of the University and capture the essential elements of a “home away from home” where the student-residents obtain an enriching group living experience. (Source: University of the Philippines Diliman “Accommodation” 2014)


  • Sophomore standing
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA

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