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Transfer Credits & Academics

TRANSFER CREDITS TAKE TIME – Your host university will send an official transcript of the courses you took abroad to MIX. This happens automatically for UHM exchange students – you do not need to request it.

Your transcript and MIX Learning Agreement will be forwarded to Admissions. Admissions will manually enter your transfer credits into your record. Undergraduate students will receive lower division elective credits if the UHM Office of Admissions does not have a completed MIX Learning Agreement and Course Approval form on file. If you wish to receive specific UHM course equivalents then you must have your syllabi reviewed by the academic department and have them complete the MIX Learning Agreement and Course Approval form and the form must be submitted to the UHM Office of Admissions. Please do not send your course syllabi to UHM Office of Admissions; only completed MIX Learning Agreement and Course Approval forms will be used to update your course equivalencies.

SUBMIT COURSE SYLLABI – If you have not yet submitted syllabi to MIX for the courses you took abroad, please take care of this immediately. The transfer of your credits may be delayed until all syllabi are received. Please email syllabi to, or drop them off at QLC 206.

NOTE: Shidler College of Business students should submit their general petitions and course syllabi directly to Shidler B101.  It is advisable to establish a list of ‘course equivalencies’ in advance so you will know which classes you should take at your host university and how your courses will fulfill your UHM requirements. Early preparation before you leave the UHM campus will help to reduce your anxiety and eliminate confusion during registration at the host university.

Financial Aid Eligibility

MAINTAIN YOUR ELIGIBILITY FOR FINANCIAL AID – If it takes an especially long time for your MIX courses to transfer in (this is common for students who went on exchange to Japan or other countries where the semester ends much later than our semester), then Financial Aid may consider you to be behind in credits and think you are not making Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students in this situation should submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal to UHM Financial Aid.

Reverse Culture Shock
UNDERSTAND REVERSE CULTURE SHOCK – While you may have experienced culture shock when you went abroad, you can also expect to go through an adjustment period when you return home. Reverse Culture Shock is the discord you may experience when you realize that, while you have changed a lot, your family and friends do not understand or acknowledge the changes in you. It is important to keep a positive attitude, and to take steps towards dealing with Reverse Culture Shock in healthy and proactive ways.

Work, Intern, Volunteer

VOLUNTEER OR INTERN WITH MIX – Stay connected to your international experience while engaging in meaningful and rewarding work helping others! Apply to be a MIX Volunteer or Intern

BECOME A STUDENT INTERCHANGER – If you enjoy meeting people, want to make friends with students from abroad, and want to earn $11.25 an hour, this job could be for you! Contact the UHM Outreach College at 808-956-6824 if you are interested. See the Student Employment & Cooperative Education (CECE) website to apply.

MENTOR NEW INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS – Volunteer with the ISS Mentor-Mentee program to help new international students get integrated at UHM.

JOIN THE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION (ISA) – The International Student Association (ISA) is for international students as well as U.S. and local students. Weekly meetings and regular events and activities promote global friendship and understanding.

JOIN THE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ORGANIZATION (IBO) – The International Business Organization (IBO) was created to promote international business and culture within the Shidler College of Business. Membership is open to all majors, all students interested in International Business are encouraged to join.
Share Your Photos or Write A Review

SHARE YOUR PHOTOS, VIDEOS, AND BLOGS – Please share your pictures, videos, and blogs from abroad with us! The best ones may be featured on the MIX website. Email with links or attachments.


Go Abroad Again

Check out the resources below for overseas study, volunteer, teaching, internship, work, and research opportunities. Go abroad again after graduation!

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