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As a MIX student, you have a wealth of financial aid options available to you. Take a look at the links below for information on funding and various scholarships!

MIX Program Budgets

The costs listed in the program budgets (which can be found on each partner university page) are estimated to assist you in your financial planning. The University of Hawaii at Manoa or the Partner University reserves the right to adjust its fees in the event of significant change in exchange rates or other factors prior to the program start date. The actual cost of the program may vary slightly for students depending on tuition rate, unique charges, and individual spending habits.

Tuition amounts in the budgets use the Undergraduate Students (General) rate. If you pay additional fees to your college/school, Financial Aid Services will account for these added fees when your adjustment is made. See below for more details.

UHM Tuition and Fees Chart

Note to Graduate Students
The program budgets are created with undergraduates in mind, unless explicitly stated in the budget itself. Other than tuition and fees, the estimated costs are expected to be similar if not identical. If you know of any additional major, college, course-specific, or program-specific fees you’ll be responsible for paying while you’re abroad, please let us know so we can create a customized budget for you.

If you plan to use UHM Financial Aid (loans and/or grants)
Financial Aid Services will use the information on this form to adjust your award amounts, taking into consideration the costs associated with your international exchange program. Once your financial aid award has been adjusted for MIX, you will be able to view and accept it in MyUH. If your award exceeds your tuition amount, please sign up for eRefund in MyUH. If you receive any scholarships for your MIX program, you must share this information with Financial Aid Services.

UHM Tuition & Student Fees
Tuition and Student Fees are billed directly to your student account. The total amount may vary depending on your year of study, college, and major. The amount listed is a base rate. Students from certain majors (i.e. Business, Architecture, and Engineering) are required to pay additional fees to their college, regardless of whether or not they are abroad. Financial Aid Services will add $500 to the estimated budgets for students paying these extra fees to account for these extra expenses.

Estimated Housing & Meals
Many of our partner institutions have more than one housing option for incoming exchange students, so prices may vary. The amount listed is only an estimate. It is also important to note that on-campus, university-affiliated housing is not always guaranteed. If you are unable to get university-affiliated housing during your program, or housing costs are much higher than listed in the budget, it is your responsibility to contact MIX to discuss the discrepancy in cost and to provide proof. An adjustment to your budget and aid may be considered.

Estimated Personal Expenses
This accounts for miscellaneous and day-to-day living expenses students might incur while abroad.
Estimated Health Insurance
All MIX participants are expected to purchase travel medical insurance for the duration of their program. More details about the type of insurance you may be required to purchase can be found on our Health Insurance page.

Estimated Host Country Health Fees
Some countries require students to buy into the national or local health insurance plan, regardless of whether or not they are already covered by supplemental travel medical insurance. This estimate accounts for these additional fees.

Estimated Visa & Associated Fees:
It is the responsibility of all MIX participants to determine if a visa is needed for entry into the destination country. Non-U.S. passport holders must pay special attention to the regulations and visa requirements for both the education abroad destination country as well as the U.S. visa requirements in order to return to the U.S. Costs may include: visa processing fees, shipping fees, and cost of round-trip airfare to designated consulates on the mainland to have biometrics taken (i.e. for programs in Denmark and France).

Financial Aid for MIX Programs

Complete the FAFSA
In order to be considered for Financial Aid, you must first complete a FAFSA for each academic year. Based on the FAFSA, you will be awarded grants and/or loans.
Know Your Tuition
Your UHM tuition & fees will remain exactly the same when you go abroad on MIX. However, your living expenses may change, and you may have additional travel costs such as international airfare.

Understand Your Award Adjustment
Normally, your Financial Aid Award (grant & loan offer) is based on the average costs of living and studying in Hawaii. When you go on international exchange, however, your award will be adjusted based on the established ‘Program Budget’ for each of the MIX Partner Universities.
Accept Your Adjusted Award
Once your Financial Aid Award has been adjusted for your MIX program, you must accept your award in your MyUH portal, in order for the funds to be released. First, your award will be applied towards your tuition bill. If there is a remaining balance, you must pay the difference. If your award covers all of your tuition and then some, you can have the remaining funds directly deposited into your bank account (please sign up for e-Refund in MyUH). You can use those funds to cover your housing and personal expenses while you are abroad.

Financial Aid for Summer Programs

Starting in Summer 2019, Summer Programs will not be considered ‘exchange’ programs, meaning students will pay tuition and fees directly the partner university for the program they participate in and will not pay any tuition or fees to UH Manoa. As many of our partner universities offer reasonable prices and, at times, tuition discounts on their summer programs, this will likely make many of our summer offerings more affordable for students. However, as a result, students will no longer be able to use UH Manoa Financial Aid (loans, grants, scholarships offered via Financial Aid) for MIX Summer Programs, as Financial Aid can only be given for programs that involve students being enrolled at UH Manoa.

Questions? Contact us at

UHM Global Opportunities Scholarship

Global Opportunities Scholarship

The purpose of this Fund is to provide support to students in a study abroad and/or international exchange program at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. Funds shall be used for costs associated with attendance (e.g. tuition, books, fees, etc.), and expenditures associated with study abroad and exchange (airfare, lodging, meals, etc.). The prospective recipient should also have been accepted into a qualified study abroad or international exchange program and intend to complete a full semester or academic-year-long program abroad. To access the application, log in to the STAR Scholarships page, then search for “Global Opportunities” using the Keyword(s) search.

Basic Criteria:

  • Campus: Manoa
  • College/Major: Any
  • Enrollment Status: Any
  • Level: Undergraduate or Graduate
  • Standing: Any
  • Residency: Any
  • Need Based: Any
  • Cumulative GPA: Any
  • Additional Requirements: The prospective recipient should also have been accepted in a qualified study abroad and/or international exchange program (i.e. MIX). Scholarship is open to international students.

Additional Requirements:

  1. You will be asked to attach a 400-500-word pdf essay outlining your proposed study abroad or international exchange program and how it relates to your present academic program, and to your future educational and career goals. If there are any special matters relating to your transcript or background you wish to explain, please do so.
  2. You will be asked to briefly describe the Capstone Activity you plan to pursue after your return: what would you want to convey and how would you do so? The Capstone Activity should showcase your international experience by, for example: (a) keeping a blog site while abroad; or (b) composing and giving several presentations on campus or in the community; or (c) writing a feature article, to be published in The Prism (UHM’s international newsletter).  (max characters: 1000)
  3. You will be asked to provide the email address of a faculty member or community service supervisor whom you have asked to write a letter of recommendation. Once you submit your application, your recommender will receive an email requesting a letter of recommendation on your behalf.

If you have any questions, please contact The application deadline is April 1.

UHM Taiwan Student Exchange Support Fund

Taiwan Student Exchange Support Fund
UHM full-time degree seeking undergraduate or graduate students, nominated to a MIX partner university in Taiwan, in any major, with a GPA 3.0 or better are encouraged to apply (click the link to learn how to apply). This scholarship application opens on November 15 and the deadline to apply is February 15. After you have submitted your application for this scholarship, please email MIX at so we may follow up with the scholarship coordinator accordingly.

Scholarships for Specific MIX Partner Universities

University of the Ryukyus

  • Students from UHM are eligible to apply for a scholarship that provides (1) a monthly stipend of 80,000 yen (up to 11 months); (2) reimbursement for round trip travel expenses between 80,000 yen and 160,000 yen; and (3) a dormitory fee exemption.
  • Qualifications and conditions:
    • GPA of 2.3 or above on a three-point scale
    • If you receive financial aid and/or scholarships from other organizations while in Japan, the total amount of these cannot exceed 80,000 yen per month.
    • This scholarship will be available between 2019 and 2022.
  • Questions? Contact MIX at

Kagoshima University

  • Students from UHM are eligible to apply for the scholarship program “the Spirit of Enterprise Foundation at Kagoshima University Japanese Language and Culture Program (SEF Japanese Language Program)”.
  • This scholarship provides a monthly stipend of 80,000 yen per month for either 5 months or 11 months (depending on program length).
  • Qualifications and conditions:
    • GPA of 2.3 or above on a three-point scale.
    • Enrolled for one year or more as an undergraduate student at UHM.
    • Strong interest in Japanese language and culture (i.e. experience studying about Japan, its culture, literature, society, etc.)
    • Enrolled in or have completed Japanese classes at UHM (desirable).
    • Be highly motivated to actively engage with the local community in Kagoshima, learn about Kagoshima, and stay in touch with Kagoshima after completing the program.
    • High motivation to participate and excel during the program.
  • Participating students shall:
    • Take Japanese classes according to their Japanese language ability.
    • Take undergraduate level classes by permission from the professor in charge of the class.
    • Learn about the history, geography, and culture of Kagoshima and deepen that knowledge through participation in field trips.
    • Take part in various local events and exchange programs and give presentations about your home country and culture in Japanese.
    • Send information about Kagoshima through a designated website in English.
  • Program duration: early October to late February (5 months) or early October to late August (11 months)
  • Questions? Contact MIX at

General Scholarships for Study Abroad

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
For U.S. undergraduate students of limited financial means to pursue academic studies abroad. Students must be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant in order to apply. Awards are up to $5,000 for a semester, plus an additional $3,000 for students studying a Critical Needs Language (includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more). Check the website for more details.

Blakemore Freeman Fellowships
For graduate students studying language in Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, or Vietnam.

Bridging Scholarship
For undergradute students in any major who will be studying in Japan. Students must be U.S. citizens to apply; awards are $2,500 for a semester or $4,000 for a year.

Boren Awards for International Study
This scholarship is open to students studying abroad in geographic areas that are critical to U.S. national security. This includes all countries in Asia, but does not include Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe. Students must be U.S. citizens to apply; awards are up to $20,000.

Education New Zealand Study Abroad Travel Awards
Two scholarships open to students who will study abroad in New Zealand. Awards $500 to $2,000.

Freeman-Asia Awards
This scholarship is open to U.S. undergraduate students with a minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA and demonstrated financial need to study in East or Southeast Asia. This includes Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. Students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents to apply; awards are up to $3,000 for a summer, $5,000 for a semester, or $7,000 for a year.

Fund for Education Abroad
Various scholarships available for students who go abroad in the summer, semester, or year.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
For students who study abroad in Germany.

JASSO Scholarship
For exchange students going on short-term study in Japan. Students placed at MIX universities in Japan will receive JASSO application forms from the partner university, if that university has qualified for JASSO funding (Japanese Government Funding).

Kamehameha Schools Financial Aid and Scholarship Services
Various awards for students of Hawaiian ancestry.

Rotary Scholarships
Those affiliated with a Rotary club must contact their local Rotary club to check the availability of scholarships and local application deadlines.

STA Travel
Scholarships offered for students studying in New Zealand.

Other University of Hawai'i Funding Sources

Associated Students of the University of Hawaii at Manoa (ASUH)
The Associated Students of the University of Hawaii offers scholarships each semester to support study abroad through MIX or Study Abroad Center.

Avis Morigawara Scholarship
For undergraduate students focusing on the study of Japan. Apply in STAR.

Center for Chinese Studies (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
Undergraduate student funding for students pursuing Chinese Studies at UHM.

Center for Japanese StudiesFunding for students pursuing Japanese Studies at UHM.

Center for Korean Studies
Various scholarships for students pursuing Korean Studies at UHM.

Center for Pacific Island StudiesVarious scholarships listed on the Center for Pacific Island Studies resources page.

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship for East Asia & Southeast Asia
For UHM students combining modern foreign language training with area/international studies. (Apply online in STAR, keyword FLAS)

School of Pacific and Asian Studies (SPAS)
Various scholarships offered by the School of Pacific and Asian Studies (SPAS) can be found here.

Shidler College of Business Travel Scholarships
Freeman Scholarship (Asia only) and Johnson Scholarship (all locations) are available for high-achieving business students going abroad. See Undergraduate Academic Advisor Rikki Mitsunaga in the Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS, BusAd B-101) for more information about scholarships and other funding opportunities.

STAR – UH Student Scholarships
Log in to find UH scholarships for which you qualify.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
UROP provides funding for undergraduate research projects, including those carried out overseas.

University of Hawai’i Foundation Scholarship Search
Browse for various scholarships in the UH system.

Other Scholarship Resources

American Association of University Women (AAUW) The AAUW offers funding for outstanding women.

American Foreign Service Association Merit awards and Financial Aid Scholarships
The AFSA Program provides children of Foreign Service employees need-based financial aid scholarships and awards.

Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund
This is the largest non-profit organization that provides scholarships to Asian & Pacific Islander American students in the nation.

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
This scholarship is for students in science, mathematics, and engineering fields.

Diversity Abroad
Diversity Abroad Scholarships is a resourceful site naming a variety of awards based on the country of proposed study.

Fastweb is a free scholarship-browsing site that has access to over 1.5 million different awards.

Fund My Travel
Fund My Travel is an easy-to-use website that starts a campaign in which you can promote and immediately receive donated amounts to your connected account.

GLBTQI Scholarship Resources:
These various websites offer many scholarships for LGBTQ students. As for the Davis-Putter Scholarship, the award is for outstanding students demonstrating active advocacy for social justice. has travel scholarships for academic achievement, different fields of study, as well as awards depending on the destination of the study abroad and even student athletes.

Hawaii Community Foundation
Various scholarships for students throughout Hawaii. Apply to one general application and get matched to the ones that are applicable to you.
International scholarships database
Free scholarship search tool

State Department Federal Credit Union Scholarships
Need-based scholarships
Study abroad scholarships and financial aid page

FAQ for Financial Aid and Planning

How much does it cost to go on international exchange?
You pay normal UHM tuition when you go on MIX. Your tuition category (Resident, WUE, Nonresident, etc.) stays the same.

In addition to UHM tuition, you are responsible for all of your transportation and living expenses when you go abroad (insurance, books & supplies, room & meals, personal expenses, airfare & local transportation, and any costs for getting a visa). These costs vary, depending on where you go. Browse the MIX Partner Universities pages to see estimates of living expenses.

Can I use my Financial Aid while I’m on exchange?
Yes; since you are still a registered UHM student while on MIX, you continue to be eligible to receive financial aid (loans, grants, and scholarships).  Remember that even though you are taking classes at a UHM partner university overseas, you are still a UHM student.  If you complete a FAFSA and submit a ‘MIX Financial Aid Budget’ form, UHM Financial Aid Services will take into consideration your overseas living and travel expenses when awarding your grants and loans.

Are there scholarships available for MIX?
Since you continue to be a UHM student while on MIX, you can still use any scholarships you get.  Additionally, you should browse Study Abroad Scholarships and other funding sources highlighted on the MIX website.  Plan to spend several hours searching for scholarships, and several days applying for them.  Remember, it is important to take scholarship applications seriously, and to complete them to the best of your ability; mediocre or poorly done scholarship applications will not result in financial rewards.

I understand that my financial aid is released 10 days before my semester abroad starts. What if I want to buy my plane ticket before that time?
It is usually more cost-effective to purchase your plane ticket well in advance of your departure. As your departure date approaches, the cost of airfare tends to increase. We recommend planning ahead for this expense, setting aside some money to purchase your plane ticket before your financial aid is disbursed for your semester abroad.

If your finances are tight, you might consider booking your flight through STA Travel. STA gives the option to put $300 down on their ticket, and pay off the rest once your financial aid is disbursed.

I’m a Veteran. Can I use my VA benefits on MIX?
Veterans may qualify to continue receiving VA educational benefits while on international exchange, with approval of their courses from UHM Veterans Affairs. All courses used towards VA educational benefits, including those taken on an international exchange program, must be required for your degree program.

I’m abroad and my aid for next semester got cancelled. What do I do?
Until your courses from abroad are transferred into UHM, your aid for the following semester may be cancelled. This is perfectly normal, especially for students going to Japan, Australia, or New Zealand, where the semester ends much later than ours.

As soon as your courses transfer in, just send an email to to inform your financial aid advisor that your courses have transferred, and to request that your aid be reinstated.

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