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Taisho University

Program Terms:

Spring Semester & Academic Year


Taisho University is a metropolitan humanities university, focused on educating students to make spectacular contributions to society, both locally and regionally. The predecessor of the school was founded in 1885, and it was chartered as a university in 1926. Its school precepts are based on the Tendai school of Buddhism. (Source: Taisho University Website, Study Abroad 101 Website)

Academic Details:

This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students in all majors, who have advanced proficiency in Japanese. Taisho is an especially good fit for religion majors. Academic areas at Taisho include Human Studies (Buddhist Studies, Human Welfare, Human Science) and Literature (Language and Culture, History and Culture). The school also has an Institute for Comprehensive Studies of Buddhism.

There are no courses in English offered. The student should already have an advanced proficiency in Japanese in order to study abroad at this university. The program runs from mid-September to late July (academic year). (Source: Taisho University Website)

Housing Details:

Taisho University offers a dormitory in Higashijujo, Kitaku, Tokyo, near Higashi Jujo Station. Students can either stay in a single or double room. Facilities include bed, toilet, and shower, as well as a study desk and laundry room. There is Wi-Fi available and supplies like a bed sheet, blanket, pillow, and pillow cover are provided. Payment methods are available for 6 months or a year. (Source: Taisho University Fact Sheet)


  • Sophomore standing
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA

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