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Keio University

Program Terms:

Spring Semester & Academic Year


With world-class research facilities and wide-ranging academic programs in Tokyo, the world’s biggest metropolis, Keio is an exciting place to learn, grow, and connect with people from around the world. Keio is the oldest private higher learning institution in Japan, and boasts the strongest school spirit of all universities in Japan. Opportunity abounds at Keio: learn from leading scholars, conduct advanced research in one of hundreds of labs, and connect with leaders from academia, business, and government. All in Asia’s most livable city.

Keio is located in Tokyo and Kanagawa, one of the world’s largest major metropolitan areas. Living in Tokyo is a chance to experience Japan through its capital city with its many contrasting faces: unique customs, natural beauty, and futuristic technology. With all of the modern trappings and conveniences of a modern city, Tokyo was recently ranked the world’s best city to live in for the third consecutive year and is also one of the safest and cleanest. Tokyo is also a convenient gateway for all of Japan and the rest of Asia. (Source:

Academic Details:

Keio offers three unique programs for undergraduate and graduate exchange students: the Keio International Program (KIP), Japanese Language Program (JLP), and their Research Program (open only to graduate exchange students). Most courses are accredited as 2 credits, and Japanese language classes are accredited as 1 credit. There is no limit to how many courses students may take in a semester, but the minimum amount is 7. Each course consists of 90 minutes of contact hours per week, every week for the 15 week-long semester.

The Keio International Program (KIP) is a comprehensive program especially designed for exchange students from partner universities. In this program, students can study about Japan and East/Southeast Asia by taking English-taught courses offered by the International Center. In addition, KIP students may choose to take up to four (4) Japanese language courses each semester. KIP students with advanced Japanese proficiency may also take undergraduate/graduate school courses in Japanese offered by faculties open to exchange students.

The Japanese Language Program (JLP), offered by the Center for Japanese Studies, is a language program for undergraduate and graduate students. The ultimate goal of this program is for students to attain the maximum level of proficiency possible within a short period of time. Accordingly, students in this program are required to spend most of their time studying Japanese during the semester. Students in the JLP may also choose to take International Center Courses taught in English as optional subjects.

The Research Program is for graduate students who wish to conduct research under the supervision of an academic advisor at Keio University. Students must be enrolled in a graduate school (or equivalent) at their home institution. Students must receive approval from the graduate school for their admission to the program as research program students. Moreover, Keio University only accepts exchange students at the graduate level when there are suitable academic advisors available for students’ research plans. (Source:

Housing Details:

Keio assists students in arranging accommodation in Japan. Students are guaranteed a room at one of the student dormitories subsidized by Keio University as long as their application is completed on time. In some dormitories, weekday meals are included in the fee. Usually, students are required to pay rent through automatic debiting from their bank account each month, but sometimes the first and the last month’s rent may be paid in cash at the counter of Office of Student Services. Most of their dormitories are located near the Hiyoshi Campus, meaning exchange students will likely have to commute to the Mita campus each day, where the majority of their classes will take place. The commute is 40 minutes by train, a common commute for Japanese students and professionals, so students will have the opportunity to participate in this cultural ritual each morning.

Note: Keio does not arrange or introduce a homestay program for exchange students. (Source:


  • Sophomore standing
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA

Note: students applying for Keio University’s Graduate School of Business Administration must be MBA students.

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