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Ateneo de Manila University

Program Terms:

Spring Semester, Fall Semester & Academic Year


Ateneo de Manila University is a center for excellence and development, offering students the opportunity to the liberal arts, engineering, and business in the fast-growing capital of the Philippines, Metro Manila. The university’s community focus invites students to work on projects such as house builds and disaster relief, while gaining hands on experience in politics and economics. Ateneo de Manila also has a range of environmental initiatives and social groups that keep students involved in fun and interactive ways.

While staying involved on campus is easy, the city also provides students with a vibrant atmosphere emanating from the bustle of activities of a fast-growing economy against a cultural backdrop that spans the modern and traditional.

Academic Details:

The Ateneo education draws from the Jesuit tradition of justice, character formation, openness and discernment to provide a foundation for technical competence, leadership and a rich perspective on global human development. The 155-year history of the Ateneo is a rich cross-cultural narrative steeped in an Asian cultural heritage infused with colonial influences. (Source: Ateneo de Manila University “About” 2016) 

Ateneo de Manila University has two divisions:

  • The Loyola Schools offer undergraduate and graduate programs for various degrees include School of Humanities, School of Social Sciences, School of Science and Engineering, and School of Management.
  • The Professional Schools offer Law School, Graduate School of Business, School of Government, and School of Medicine and Public Health

Housing Details:

International students have three options for housing accommodation:

  • On-campus residence halls:
    • Cervini Hall (for male students), Eliazo Hall (for female students) and the University Dormitory.
  • Off-campus dormitories:
    • There are off-campus boarding houses for male and female students. Rates vary according to the kind of accommodation available and may range between US $65 to US $210 per month.
    • A list of accredited off-campus boarding houses may be obtained at the Office of Student Services in the College or through the Office of International Relations.
  • Off-campus apartments/condominium units.
    • There are also many off-campus apartments or condominium units near the Ateneo Loyola Heights Campus. Most are within 5 to 10 minutes walk from the Ateneo.

Source: (Ateneo de Manila University “Housing” 2016)


  • Sophomore standing
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA

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