Library ID Registration


  • ID registration is required for access to restricted online library resources.
  • Use this form to register new IDs or to make changes to existing ID registrations
  • Submission of this form does NOT result in immediate activation of your ID card. Most requests will be processed in 2-4 business days, allowing for verification of enrollment and/or University affiliation and input.
  • For immediate service, please visit your Circulation Department. Print the PDF form for in-person service at the Circulation Department.

Current Address

Permanent Address (required)

(Enter your or other UH affiliated email address)

Manoa One Card with student ID in the bottom right

Highlighting the bar code number on a student ID

Repeat UH Number if you have no 10-digit barcode

If affiliate, please indicate the name and number of someone we can contact to verify your association with the University of Hawaii.

(e.g. concerning expired record, name change)

Borrowing Terms and Policies Libraries of the University of Hawaii

  • The Libraries are not responsible for unforwarded, unread, or misdirected mail or email.
  • All library courtesy, overdue, recall, pick-up and fines/fees notices and invoices will be sent electronically to your email account.
  • Not all items have the same loan period. Check the due date of each item. You are responsible for knowing when your items are due. Fines will be charged for items not returned by the due date.
  • Items are subject to RECALL and must be returned if requested. Fines will be charged for items not returned by the requested date.
  • Outstanding fines or other financial obligations may hold up registration, graduation, transcripts and/or borrowing privileges.
  • I assume full responsibility for my University of Hawai’i borrower’s card.
  • I will pay all fees for overdue materials charged on my card.
  • I will pay all fees assessed for damaged or lost materials charged on my card.
  • I will report to the library any change of name, address, or telephone number.
  • I will notify the library immediately if my card is lost or stolen.
  • I understand I may have to activate my card each semester.

Please complete the captcha.

You will have to visit your Circulation Department in person to register your ID.

Print and complete the ID registration form and take it to your library circulation desk.

Honolulu Community College Library users may find more information on the HCC Library Circulation Services page.

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