Ways to Use Sources (Long Version)

Examples of how you can use sources.

Ways to Use Sources (Short Version)

Brief templates of how you can use sources.

Evaluating Sources – Questions for Evaluating Workshop

Questions you can ask when evaluating sources

Basic Library Instruction Worksheet (Word Doc)

Handout for the Basic workshop, lasted updated for Spring 2020


Exercise to help you learn more about patch writing

What’s Your Issue?

Brief exercise to help you formulate a research question.

Getting More Out of Library Essentials

Tips for instructors on how to make the Library Essentials sessions more effective.

Research Log

Writing exercise instructors can give students to help them think about and articulate the research process.

Creating a Research Question (Long Version)

A longer exercise to help students formulate a research question.

Fake News

Are you concerned you are reading fake news instead of a fact-checked news source? Here is a list of questions from The News Literacy Project to help you detect fake news.

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