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Course Catalog

IP 101: Directed Elementary Language Study
IP 102: Directed Elementary Language Study
IP 199: Introductory Language Study
IP 201: Directed Intermediate Language Study
IP 202: Directed Intermediate Language Study
IP 261: Topics in Indo-Pacific Literature/Culture
IP 273 (Alpha): Introduction to Indo-Pacific Language and Culture
IP 299: Intermediate Language Study
IP 300: History of Early India
IP 301: Directed Third-Level Language Study
IP 302: Directed Third-Level Language Study
IP 303: Bollywood Dance, Music, and Film
IP 360 (Alpha): Southeast Asian Food, Music, and Rituals
IP 361: Southeast Asian Literature in Translation
IP 362: Philippine Drama: History, Art, Culture
IP 363: Philippine Contemporary Literature in English
IP 364: Philippine Popular Culture
IP 365: South Asian Literature in Translation
IP 366: Literatures of Ancient India
IP 368: Introduction to South/Southeast Asian Film, History, Theory and Appreciation
IP 369 (Alpha): Study Abroad
IP 370: Philippine Travelogue: People, Places, and Practices
IP 373: Vedic Hindu Mythology
IP 374: Classical Hindu Mythology
IP 375: Philippine Games, Sports and Martial Arts
IP 376: Philippine Diasporic Literatures
IP 377: Critical Discourses in IPLL Studies: Philippines
IP 382: Philippine Visual Art from Burial Jars to Burning Effigies
IP 389: Theories in Ilokano Studies
IP 391: Literary Cultural Relations (Philippines and Southeast Asia)
IP 394: Philippine Sociolinguistics: Language Use, Ideologies, and Identities
IP 395: Polynesian Folklore in Translation
IP 396: Philippine Literature and Folklore in Translation
IP 399: Third-Level Language Study
IP 399: Third-Level Language Study
IP 401: Directed Fourth-Level Language Study
IP 402: Directed Fourth-Level Language Study
IP 411: Ilokano Literature in Translation
IP 427 (Alpha): Topics in Samoan Literature
IP 431: Rizal’s Literary Works in Translation
IP 432: The Writings of Carlos Bulosan
IP 465 (Alpha): Hawaiian and Indo-Pacific Teaching Practicum
IP 470: Folklore
IP 499: Directed Studies
IP 699: Directed Research

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