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Jennie Tran

Jennie Tran, Ph.D.

Doctor of Philosophy
University of Hawai'i at ​Mānoa
Master of Arts
University of Hawai'i at ​Mānoa
Bachelor of Arts
University of Hawai'i at ​Mānoa

My name is Jennie Tran. You can call me cô Jennie or cô Thuận. I’ve taught Vietnamese at various places, including Kaimuki Highschool and Kapiolani Community College. In Fall 2022, I started teaching VIET 201 here at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I have also been teaching German at UH Manoa since 2012.

About my educational background: I received my B.A. in Second Language Studies, M.A. in European Languages and Literature, and Ph.D. in Linguistics. I love teaching Vietnamese and am happy to see students enjoy learning this language and get better in their reading and writing skills. I value students’ enthusiasm and efforts, and I’m excited to see students become more and more proficient throughout the semester. Besides, I respect each student’s dialectal background and motivate students to value both the Northern and Southern accent. Above all, I encourage students to be proud and to appreciate the beauty of the Vietnamese language.

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