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Language Certificate: Vietnamese

Upon completing 15 credit-hours beyond the intermediate level with a 3.0 GPA in their coursework, the student may apply for a Certificate in Vietnamese. More details about language certificate.

Studying Vietnamese was a fun and easy way for me to get back credit for my language requirements, but what really made this experience was the people I met. People often underestimate having friends within your own culture, but it’s something euphoric for Vietnamese students whose only interactions with Vietnamese people are their family. Vietnamese is not just the language of our parents, it’s ours too. The slang, the music, the pop culture, the street food…all of it.

Learning Vietnamese has been one of my favorite experiences in college. As a first-generation Vietnamese American, I have always wanted to learn more about my culture and language. Through this class, I can truly say that I feel much more connected to my heritage. And I am very excited at the prospect of seeing my grandparents in person and being able to speak to them with a greater vocabulary and understanding!

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