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Placement Tests

Do you speak any of the IPLL languages?

Take the placement test for free. Save time and money by earning back credits in the language of your choice.

You may be qualified to skip elementary level langauge courses while earning back credits that fulfill your language requirements for graduation!

Simply follow the 3 steps:

Contact placement coordinator

Contact the placement coordinator for your language and set up an exam.

Filipino: Jayson Parba,
Ilokano: Dean Domingo,
Samoan, Chamorro, Tongan: John Mayer,
Cambodian/Khmer: Chhany Sak-Humphry,
Sanskrit: Jesse Knutson,
Hindi: Sai Bhatawadekar,
Arabic: Adly Mirza,
Vietnamese: Jennie Tran,
For Thai & Indonesian, contact Dr. Pia Arboleda,

Take the test

Take the test. Most tests are available online through Zoom.

Receive results

You will receive an email with class recommendation for your level.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You just need a certain level of proficiency in the language you take the placement test in. For instance, if you can read and understand short articles, talk about the weather or describe their house or certain events, watch a film without subtitles, converse with family members in, give directions, ask basic questions, and etc., these are all indications that you might be able to skip some lower levels of the language you choose.

Although uncommon, some students decide to waive their language requirement after taking the placement test. But did you know that this might not be the best option? Getting a language waiver will rob you of the opportunity to earn 16 back credits which can count towards graduation credit requirement. By simply taking one 300+ or 400+ language course and getting a grade of C or better, you will not only earn 16 back credits but also the additional 3 credits from the 300+/400+ course. Not only that, 300+/400+ level courses often have WI and OC focus which can be used to fulfill focus requirements and also count as an upper division elective! 19 credits in total! This is the fastest and most efficient way towards earning your degree.

You must take the placement test and get placed at a certain level that allows you to skip some of the lower level courses. For instance, if you took the Filipino placement exam and were placed at the 200 level, you would need to take FIL 201 or 202 and get a grade of C or better in order to receive back credits for FIL 101, 102.

No. It only allows you to skip the HSL requirement since it means you are already proficient in a second language. However, a language waiver does not reduce the total number of credits needed for graduation. If you are placed in a higher level (e.g., intermediate to advanced), we recommend that you take the course, get a grade of C or better and earn back credits.

Yes. If you are placed into the 201 or higher level, you can only request for a language waiver. You cannot earn back credits. If you are placed in the 201 level, you can request for a language waiver for 102. You may still use the credits earned from your 101 class for graduation credits.

Yes, you can take the placement exam. If you are placed in a higher level, for example 301, you can request for a language waiver for the levels you skipped. You can also enroll in the advanced course.

You can earn back credits for 101 and 102 courses upon successfully getting a grade of C or better in the 201 course. You will also need to continue on with 202 to fulfill your HSL requirements.

Yes. We encourage you to take the placement test to better assess your proficiency level and to find the perfect fit.

We evaluate students on a case by case basis depending on your background and language proficiency. If you have a unique situation, not answered by the questions above, please email us at

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