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Language Certificate: Sanskrit



The IPLL Language certificate consists of a minimum of 15 credits from 201 or above, of which 9 credits must be upper level (300-400 level). Intermediate- (200-) level language courses may count for both HSL and the Language Certificate when courses are taken for a letter grade.

Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in all courses counting toward the Certificate. All courses must likewise be taken for a letter grade; CR/NC and Back Credits cannot count toward the Language Certificate.

Proficiency-level and nature of the coursework:

3rd-year-level language proficiency is the minimum standard for receiving the certificate. Thus, the certificate coursework must include a minimum of 3 credits of language study at the 300-level or above. However, substitution of subject-relevant non-language courses in the relevant subject area is allowed for students who already have advanced proficiency in the language (e.g. native/heritage speakers), subject to availability and advisor approval.


Jesse Knutson,

Course Catalog:

SNSK 201-202: Intermediate Sanskrit I & II(HSL)
SNSK 685: Advanced Readings in Sanskrit
ART 492: Art and Architecture of South Asia
ASAN 320I: Asian Nation Studies (I: South Asia)
ASAN 442: Globalization and Identity in the Himalayas
GEOG 355: Geography of South Asia
HIST 301: History of Early India

HIST 302: History of Modern India
IP 273B: Introduction to Indo-Pacific Language & Culture: Indian
IP 365: South Asian Literatures in Translation
IP 366: South Asian Literatures in Translation
PHIL 350: Indian Philosophy
PHIL 360: Buddhist Philosophy
REL 202: Understanding Indian Religions

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