April 19 & 21

Digi A&H Presents: Dr. Jentery Sayers, University of Victoria

The Cultural History of Magnetic Recording
Tuesday April 19, 2016
UH Mānoa iLab (Building 37)
Free and open to the public

This talk walks audiences through various moments in early magnetic recording to then articulate how they shape our present moment. Key to this articulation is not only a historical shift from “inscribing” to “impressing” information onto storage media but also a gesture to imagine sound (and not just print or the codex) as fundamental to how we approach electronic text and other new media from the 1980s forward.

Remaking Old Media with New Technologies, or Prototyping the Past
Thursday April 21, 2016
UH Mānoa iLab (Building 37)
Lecture with a hands-on informal open session afterward
Free and open to the public

What might histories of media and technology gain from remaking obsolete instruments? From re-conducting early experiments? From fabricating machines that existed only on paper as fictions? Based on work conducted by the University of Victoria’s Maker Lab in the Humanities, this talk explores such questions, with particular attention to how we might prototype the past by prototyping absences and hyperbole in the historical record.

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