Step by Step

Step 1: GAP 101 Basic Good Agricultural Practices

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Step 2: General Risk Assessment:

Now that you know then general issues covered by Good Agricultural Practices, walk through you farm and see what may be risks on your farm. Based on your farm operations, select a checklist that best matches your farm operations. Please note that you may be doing multiple checklists if they apply to you and your farm. Use:

  1. Ranch Checklist if you grow crops.
  2. Packing House Checklist if you have a separate area for packing.
  3. Greenhouse Checklist coming soon! if you grow hydro, aero, or aquaponics.

Step 3: GAP 201 Learn About Specific Topics:

  1. Land Use
  2. Agricultural Water
  3. Soil Amendments
  4. Worker Health, Hygiene, & Training
  5. Domesticated & Wild Animals
  6. Crop Protection
  7. Post-Harvest Handling & Sanitation
  8. Equipment, Tools, & Buildings
  9. Transportation
  10. Traceability
  11. Foodborne Illness & Pathogens

Step 4: Writing Your Food Safety Plan:– Writing your food safety plan.

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Step 5: Getting Your Third Party Audit:

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