4. Worker Health, Hygiene, & Training:

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Produce can become contaminated if workers have poor health and/or  poor workplace behaviors. The best way to prevent contamination is to train and educate workers in worker health and hygiene. This training must also include providing the things required to effectively use their training: facilities and equipment, good communication in a language that is appropriate, and the correct Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) / Logs for both workers and facilities. Workers must know to stay home when they’re sick, how to wash their hands properly, and to be aware of food safety risks as well as the practices that reduce them. Proper compliance of practices is crucial for the safety and success of your farm. For more information and educational materials, watch the video below or visit Cornell University’s GAPs and Cornell University’s Produce Safety Alliance. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with this topic, you can move on to others!


Informative videos on the GAP topics provided by Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

Worker Protection Standards: here