1. Land Use:

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land use
Land used to plant taro (Jari Sugano, 2013).

Biological, chemical, and physical risks of current or past land usage of both your farm and the farms around you can all contribute to contamination of crops. Farms should have a detailed farm map and a written log of land use is essential to minimize these risks. Crop production areas should also be an adequate distance from any raw manure to prevent contamination. Unique topographical features like trees and hills should be taken into account when creating your map and determining how at-risk your farm is.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) / Logs are helpful in getting organized. Proper compliance of practices is crucial for the safety and success of your farm. For more information and educational materials, visit Cornell University’s GAPs and Cornell University’s Produce Safety Alliance. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with this topic, you can move on to others!