New State Horse Council

The Hawaii State 4-H Horse Council is now up and running!

Dr. Helene and Mark Zeug

‘Aha‘ōlelo Ali‘i Ceremony 2022

The 4-H Ali‘i ceremony is a tradition that includes the recognition of honored guests and the “Gifts to the Ali‘i” presentation of locally significant gifts from each county 4-H program. Community members are chosen as Ali‘i based on the 4-H program values of leadership and community service. This year’s recipients are Dr. Helene and Mark Zeug.

Lawai Prawn Pasta

2022 Contest Winners

This year, in addition to the division winners, a new category for best healthy local seafood dish was awarded.

Maui Livestock Club Training

2022 4-H Livestock Scholarship

The Hawaii State 4-H Livestock Scholarship is now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 year.

2020_ Happy Avocado

2022 Cooking Contest

The Hawaii 4-H program is looking for youth in grades 5-12 to participate in a Virtual Cooking Challenge in the state. Youth do not need to be a current 4-H member to participate in the contest. There is no cost to participate in the contest.