State Livestock Council

Officers Species Vice Chairs Representatives
Harry Cambra
Paul Eguires
Hawaii County
Kaohi Mokuhalii | Patti Andrade Stout
Patti Andrade Stout
Real Pocock
Kauai County
Robert Kawamura | Betty Nakamoto
Verna Eguires
Lamb & Goat
Robert Kawamura | Betty Nakamoto
Harry Cambra | Desiree Vida
Poultry & Rabbit
Patti Andrade Stout
Edrian Apo | Nahiwaaloha Naki
Oahu County
Paul Eguires | Real Pocock

The Hawaii State 4-H Livestock Council is incorporated and is governed by a board of directors. The purpose of this council is to:

  • help promote the educational development of the livestock industry in Hawaii through 4-H livestock projects
  • assist 4-H clubs and the 4-H livestock club members in the conduct of statewide livestock shows by approving and demonstrating leadership support and adopting good practices and livestock show ethics
  • acquaint the public with the part played by 4-H club members in the livestock project, and
  • establish rules and regulations for 4-H market livestock projects in order that they may culminate in a successfully statewide event.

The basic responsibility of the Hawaii State 4-H Livestock Council lies with the sponsorship and execution of the State 4-H Livestock Show and Sales. These major responsibilities include:

  • the managing and accounting of the State Show and Sales
  • securing through it’s Buyer’s committee sufficient buyers for the animals that are shown
  • focusing on the livestock evaluation/judging contest to provide 4-Hers representing each island/county an opportunity to attend and participate with live livestock for identifying various dimensions of the animal including practicing public speaking through oral reasons and hands-on learning, and
  • securing an auctioneer for the selling of animals at the state show only.