State Livestock Council

Officers Species Vice Chairs Representatives
Harry Cambra
Paul Eguires
Hawaii County
Kaohi Mokuhalii | Patti Andrade Stout
Desiree Vida
Raisha Karratti
Kauai County
Robert Kawamura | Betty Nakamoto
Verna Eguires
Lamb & Goat
Annie Cross
Harry Cambra | Desiree Vida
Poultry & Rabbit
Oahu County
Paul Eguires | Real Pocock
State 4-H Livestock Rules

The State 4-H Livestock rules were last updated on 9/20/23.

View or Download the PDF version of the rules.

About Us

The Hawaii State 4-H Livestock Council is incorporated and is governed by a board of directors. The purpose of this council is to:

  • help promote the educational development of the livestock industry in Hawaii through 4-H livestock projects
  • assist 4-H clubs and the 4-H livestock club members in the conduct of statewide livestock shows by approving and demonstrating leadership support and adopting good practices and livestock show ethics
  • acquaint the public with the part played by 4-H club members in the livestock project, and
  • establish rules and regulations for 4-H market livestock projects in order that they may culminate in a successfully statewide event.

The basic responsibility of the Hawaii State 4-H Livestock Council lies with the sponsorship and execution of the State 4-H Livestock Show and Sales. These major responsibilities include:

  • the managing and accounting of the State Show and Sales
  • securing through it’s Buyer’s committee sufficient buyers for the animals that are shown
  • focusing on the livestock evaluation/judging contest to provide 4-Hers representing each island/county an opportunity to attend and participate with live livestock for identifying various dimensions of the animal including practicing public speaking through oral reasons and hands-on learning, and
  • securing an auctioneer for the selling of animals at the state show only.
Friends of 4-H
  • 2023 – Mike Tugman & Carey Serikawa (The Feed Trough LLP), Lee Gallegos (Feed & Farm Supply LLC)
  • 2022 – Jo Ann Inamasu
  • 2021 – Brittany Castle (no show held)
  • 2020 – Ron Darlington (no show held)
  • 2019 – Verna Eguires & Margaret Byrd
  • 2018 – Micah Munekata, Becky Settlage, & David Souza Sr.
  • 2017 – Paradise Lua, Hawai`i 4-H Livestock Hall of Fame: Buddy Gibson
  • 2016 – Steve Nagano, Paul Eguires, Hawai`i 4-H Livestock Hall of Fame: Jeff Peterson
  • 2015 – Joaquin and Georgette Silva, Hawai`i Farm Bureau Federation
  • 2014 – Scott Enright, Hawaii Department of Agriculture
  • 2013 – Robert Kawamura
  • 2012 – Gary Heusel, Bridget Napier, & Bud and Katy Gibson
  • 2011 – Kualoa Ranch & Cal and Sharon Wong
  • 2010 – None
  • 2009 – Frank Cukjati, Nutrena & David Souza
  • 2008 – Brent Buckley, CTAHR Beef Specialist & Halina Zaleski, CTAHR Swine Specialist
  • 2007 – Roy Oyama & Henry and Fran Silva, Henry’s Equipment
  • 2006 – Paul and Eddie Eguires & Bernard Murata, Interisland Door
  • 2005 – Jeff Peterson, Land O’Lakes
  • 2004 – Meadow Gold Dairy & John Morgan, Kualoa Ranch
  • 2003 – John Yoshikawa
  • 2002 – John Simonds, Honolulu Advertiser
  • 2001 – Young Brothers. Ltd.
  • 2000 – Eddie Eguires & Lincoln Ching, Kauai Agent
  • 1999 – Calvin Wong. Wong’s Meat Market & Norman Oshiro, Hawaii Food Products
  • 1998 – Robert Whiting, Land O’Lakes & Patricia Rohlfing, Bank of Hawaii
  • 1997 – Donald Lau, Palama Meat; Bud Gibson, Auctioneer; Tony Salcedo, Maunawili
  • 1996 – Noner
  • 1995 – None
  • 1994 – Leonard Fisher & Special Recognition: Donald Lau, Palama Meat
  • 1993 – Toledo Twin Pine Dairy, Inc., Bobby Napier, Patricia Rohlfing, Les Vida
  • 1992 – Star Markets, Ltd., Shizuo Doi; David Murdock, Dole Food Co., Inc.; A.L. Kilgo, A.L. Kilgo Co., Inc.; Tony Ruis, Ruis Enterprises; Tony Salcedo, Maunawili Dairy; Norman Texeira, Nortex; Gertrude Toledo, Toledo Twin Pine Dairy, Inc.
  • 1991 – Philip Castillo, First Hawaiian Bank & Monty Richards, Kahua Ranch
  • 1990 – Flamingo Enterprises, Inc., Eguires Family, Ethel Murata, State 4-H Office Secretary
  • 1989 – Alexander & Baldwin & Hawaii State Farm Fair Board of Directors: David Oshiro, Gilbert Araki, Curtis Taylor, Steve Dulce, Joanne Nakata, Wendell Koga, Francis Nitta, James Nakatani, Gerald Lee, Scott Chun, George Fernandes, Jean Myers, Gary Doi (GACC), Ed Wasano, Billie Hughes
  • 1988 – Special Recognition (long-time buyer): H. Howard Stephenson, Bank of Hawaii; Beth Sakurada, President, Hawaii State 4-H Livestock Committee; Stewart Wade, Buyers Committee; Miller Hunter, Pioneer in Livestock Program; Stanley Kawamura, Treasurer, Livestock Committee; Tony Nobriga, Pioneer in Livestock Program
  • 1987 – Richard H.S. Lee, R.H.S. Lee Trucking; Kenny Lum, Princess Pauahi Restaurant; Hawaii Meat Co., Ltd.; Kahua Meat Co., Ltd.; Melvin Miranda, President, Hawaii State 4-H Livestock Committee; Bill Hugh, U.H. CES Swine Specialist; Special Recognition (long-time buyer): Albert Teruya, Times Super Market
  • 1986 – David Oshiro, Hawaii Farm Bureau & Ed Teranishi, Hawaii Production Credit Assoc.
  • 1985 – Roy Oyama, President of Hawaii State Livestock Committee; Charijean Watanabe, Unifoods Inc. & Buyers Committee; Elly Chong, Castle & Cooke & Buyers Committee; Gail Ann Chew, Campbell Estate & Buyers Committee; John Hoshino, Bank of Hawaii & Past Treasurer of Livestock Committee; Randall Matsumoto, Past Treasurer of Livestock Committee; Stuart Reynolds, Carnation Corp., Milling Division (Manna Pro)
  • 1984 – Buddy Gibson & Special Recognition – James Nolan
  • 1983 – William Johnson
  • 1982 – Alex Napier & Production Credit Association
  • 1981 – Russell Guilfoyle & Leonard Bennett
  • 1980 – John Hoshino & George Fernandes
  • 1979 – Frank Haman & Tim Reaman
  • 1978 – Kenneth Lum
  • 1977 – Buddy Farden