National 4-H Congress

Applying to Congress

4-H members are responsible for completing and preparing their Senior Portfolio, which serves as the application to be a Hawai’i National 4-H Congress delegate. Youth who are selected are required to participate in a Giving Back project to support the 4-H program in Hawaii.

Members should be sure to pay attention to the formatting and requirements of each section. Overall, the organization of the portfolio should be well-organized and the overall appearance neat and clean. Correct punctuation, spelling and grammar should be used. The front page needs to include all signatures.

Formatting and Page Requirements are listed in the portfolio instructions.

Submission Deadline

Members must submit their completed application packets to their county Extension Office by the due date established by their county. Counties then forward the application packets to the state 4-H office on or before May 15 of each year.

National 4-H Congress Selection Procedure and Criteria

The Committee meets in May to review all applications for Congress. Finalists are selected based on their scored rubrics. These finalists are then subject to a personal interview with the committee judges.

  • As selected delegates to National 4-H Congress members agree to return to 4-H program leadership roles in their county and state.

Congress Newsletters