Creating A Village Program

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The social, economic, and environmental changes that impact at-risk family composition and dynamics also affect the inter-generational support that adolescents can access during their transition from youth to adulthood. This disconnect can leave emerging-adult youth without role models or mentors to support their transition from youth to adult during an especially important period.

The Creating a Village project is a multi-level educational intervention supported through the incorporation of several positive youth development models. It is designed to provide education, mentorship, and leadership opportunities to all participants in the program.

  1. Skills Mastery in life management such as culinary, healthy living, financial literacy, and agricultural science, which has been a growing demand and incorporates community expertise.
  2. Mentorship by teens providing direct guidance and support for the middle school participants during club meetings.
  3. Adult-Youth Partnerships between teen mentors and an adult partner to develop a mutually beneficial joint project as they work with youth participants in the program.
  4. Expertise from adult volunteers from the community with specific skill sets related to skill mastery to share knowledge and skills with youth participants.