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Professional Development Workshop with Hedda Sharapan from The Fred Rogers Company

Hedda Sharapan, Director of Early Childhood Initiatives for The Fred Rogers Company

What I have learned from Fred Rogers about relationships and communicating — and how we can translate his approach to our work with children

Fred Rogers was ahead of his time in what he offered children and families on his PBS children’s program Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. There is much we can continue to learn from his child developmentknowledge and timeless wisdom. Fortunately there is one person in theworld whose mission is to continue sharing Fred’s knowledge and wisdom and that is Hedda Sharapan. In this seminar Hedda will tell her story.

Hedda’s story of her life in the Neighborhood with Fred for over 35 years is fascinating and inspirational. Because of her close association with Fred Rogers, her deep understanding of child development and her remarkable grasp of the Neighborhood’s mission her story has great relevance to anyone working with young children today. In addition to sharing her personal story Hedda will use anecdotes and video clips from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood to illustrate strategies for developing positive relationships and effective communication among and with children and adults the prominent role this plays in a positive, balanced, healthy life, and why this was a central theme in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.