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Institutional Learning Objectives


Learning objectives

Reports by Area

AreaReports & Results, Rubrics
Critical Thinking (CT)– Results of CT assessment (2015-16) – Executive Summary
Rubric (VALUE) (2015-16)
Ethical Reasoning (ETH)– Performance Standards for Ethical Reasoning (2014)
– Results of ETH assessment (2011)
– FAQ about the 2010-2011 ETH project
– Results of the rubric pilot test (2009)
– Survey results: Rubric quality (2008)
Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Issues
Hawaiian or Second Language– Oral Proficiency Results (spring 2011) for the College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature BA programs
– Japanese Oral Proficiency Tests (2008-09)
– Back-credit summary (updated 2008)
– –SLOs, Description (2006)
– Assessing the Language Component (2002-2004)
– Questionnaire results: SLOs, data-collection methods, processes (2002)
Information Literacy (IL)Results of IL assessment (2015-2016) – Executive summary
Oral Communication (OC)Oral Communication Results Infographic (2019)
– Institutional Assessment of Oral Communication Project (2016-2017)
Rubric (VALUE) (2015)
– Performance Standards for Oral Communication (2015)
– Draft rubric (2008)
Quantitative Reasoning– QR Assessment (2016-2017)
– Results of QR assessment (2015-2016) – Executive Summary (one page) or the Full Report (eight pages)
Rubric (VALUE) (2015-16)
Written Communication (WC) and Information Literacy (IL)Foundational (first year):
– Study of Writing Process (2012 Spring, SLO #2)
– Study of Information Literacy (2010, SLO #3)
 Study of Information Literacy (2009, SLO #3)
– Study of Audience & Purpose (2008, SLO #1)
Presentation of results (slides)
Use of results: Ideas for Teaching Audience & Purpose
Focus (400-level):
– Results of WC Assessment Project (2015-16) – Executive Summary
– Results of Information Literacy and Written Communication Institutional-level Learning Assessment Project (2016 draft)
– Rubric (VALUE) (2015-16)
Rubrics (modified VALUE rubrics) (2014)
– Performance Standards for Written Communication (2014)
– Results of Written Communication Assessment: Social Science Anchor Selection and Standard Setting (2013)
– Results of pilot test (2010)
Longitudinal Cohort Study of General Education, 2010-2015-DescriptionPerceptions of learning results

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