Institutional Reports, Plans, and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Current Projects

  • Please visit the General Education Office’s site for information about assessment projects on the Global & Multicultural Issues program; the Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Issues Focus program; and the Diversification program.

Recent Projects

Institutional Learning Objectives

Reports by Area

AreaOutcomes, Hallmarks, PlansReports & Results
Critical Thinking (CT)-Rubric (VALUE) (2015-16)– Results of CT assessment (2015-16) – Executive Summary
Ethical Reasoning (ETH)-Rubric (modified VALUE rubric) (2015)
SLOs, Description, Hallmarks, & Rubric (2008)
– Performance Standards for Ethical Reasoning (2014)
– Results of ETH assessment (2011)
– FAQ about the 2010-2011 ETH project
– Results of the rubric pilot test (2009)
– Survey results: Rubric quality (2008)
Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues (HAP)SLOs, Description, and Hallmarks (2008) 
Hawaiian or Second LanguageSLOs, Description (2006)– Oral Proficiency Results (spring 2011) for the College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature BA programs
– Japanese Oral Proficiency Tests (2008-09)
– Back-credit summary (updated 2008)
– Assessing the Language Component (2002-2004)
– Questionnaire results: SLOs, data-collection methods, processes (2002)
Oral Communication (OC)Rubric (VALUE) (2015)
SLOs, Description, Hallmarks, & Rubric (2008)
– Institutional Assessment of Oral Communication Project (2016-2017)
– Performance Standards for Oral Communication (2015)
– Draft rubric (2008)
Quantitative Reasoning-Rubric (VALUE) (2015-16)– QR Assessment (2016-2017)
– Results of QR assessment (2015-2016) – Executive Summary (one page) or the Full Report (eight pages)
Written Communication (WC) and Information Literacy (IL)-Rubric (VALUE) (2015-16)
Rubrics (modified VALUE rubrics) (2014)
Foundational: SLOs, Description, Hallmarks
Focus: Mission, Goals, SLOs, Hallmarks for Writing Intensive (2008)
– Study of Writing Process (2012 Spring, SLO #2)
– Study of Information Literacy (2010, SLO #3)
 Study of Information Literacy (2009, SLO #3)
– Study of Audience & Purpose (2008, SLO #1)
Presentation of results (slides)
Use of results: Ideas for Teaching Audience & Purpose
Focus (400-level):
– Results of WC Assessment Project (2015-16) – Executive Summary
– Results of Information Literacy and Written Communication Institutional-level Learning Assessment Project (2016 draft)
– Performance Standards for Written Communication (2014)
– Results of Written Communication Assessment: Social Science Anchor Selection and Standard Setting (2013)
– Results of pilot test (2010)
Longitudinal Cohort Study of General Education, 2010-2015Description– Results posted on the Student Success page

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