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Graduate Education

General Education and Institutional Learning Objectives (ILO)

Outcomes, Hallmarks, Plans
Arts, Humanities, Literatures; Social Sciences; Natural Sciences (Diversification and ILO)– Archive: SLOs, Description (2008)– Archive: Plan (revised), December 2004/January 2005– Archive: Meeting summary: response to early December 2004 proposed plan– Archive: Plan, April 2004
Contemporary Ethical Issues (Focus & ILO)– Archive: draft outcomes, rubric, plan (2007)
– Archive: SLOs, Description, Hallmarks, & Rubric (2008)
Foundations Global and Multicultural Perspectives– Archive: SLOs and assessment plan (2007)
Foundations Symbolic Reasoning– Archive: SLOs and assessment plan (2007)
Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Issues (Focus)– Archive: SLOs, Description, and Hallmarks (2008)
Oral Communication (Focus & ILO)– Archive: SLOs, rubric, assessment plan (2007)
– Archive: SLOs, Description, Hallmarks, & Rubric (2008)
– Archive: Draft rubric (2008)
Written Communication– Archive: Foundations 2008 SLOs, Description, Hallmarks
Archive: Foundations 2007 draft outcomes, rubric, plan
– Archive: Foundational: SLOs, Description, Hallmarks
– Archive: Focus: Mission, Goals, SLOs, Hallmarks for Writing Intensive (2008)

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