Assessment Report FAQ & Help

1. Where do I input my program’s report?

Login is open (use your UH ID and password).   If you cannot log in, please email

Login instructions with screenshots.

2. Deadline?

The 2020 deadline: Friday, November 20, 2020.

3. What information is needed to complete the report?

You can preview/download the questions here:

Watch a video:

4. Can I see what others are doing? Where are previous reports?

Yes. Go here: Reports: View By Years or View by Program Names

5. Do you have examples or ways to get help?

Yes! We are here to help.

6. Why do we submit reports? How does the report help my program?

Watch a video: What, why, who, when, how: Overview of the report (10-minute video)

The report assists programs in documenting assessment activities and evidence-based curriculum changes. More than once the we have heard that assessment coordinators left UHM and took assessment files with them. The reports are available in an easily accessible location on our website.

The report keeps the program on track for Program Review. The Program Review process requires a review of the program’s assessment activities and evidence-based curriculum changes. Your program’s assessment reports are automatically submitted as part of the department’s self-study, and they are given to the external reviewers. Note: program with professional accreditation are exempted from UHM Program Review.

7. What is done with the reports?

The Assessment and Curriculum Support Center uses the information in several ways. Our office

  1. locates examples of exemplary assessment practices that it can share with the faculty-at-large (a program’s permission is sought before the Assessment and Curriculum Support Center uses it as an example);
  2. identifies issues and concerns that need attention and uses those to guide our office’s program development (e.g., when an analysis of reports reveals the need for more attention to curriculum mapping, the Assessment and Curriculum Support Center offers workshops on that topic);
  3. summarizes the reports and conveys that summary to the Faculty Senate, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The summary serves as primary support in Mānoa’s case for re-accreditation and meets reporting requirements set by WASC. See the campus summary reports.
  4. conveys the reports to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for use as part of Program Review.

To date, the assessment results (learning achievement results) have not been used by administration as part of prioritization or budgeting. The Assessment and Curriculum Support Center believes faculty consultation must take place before assessment results become part of prioritization and budgeting.

8. Who can see my report?

All reports become publicly available when you save a question on your report.

Note: you may “Unpublish Report” while you are working on it. Remember to PUBLISH REPORT when you’ve finished so you and your program can be recognized for your accomplishments.

9. Do we need to submit a report if we didn’t do any assessment during the period specified?

Do I submit a program for newly approved degree programs?

Yes. Please update/answer questions the appropriate questions (e.g., questions 1-6 and justify why no assessment activities occurred in the last question).

10. I can’t log in.

Use your UH User name and Password to login. If you do not have access, contact the Assessment and Curriculum Support Center.

11. My program doesn’t show up.

If you do not find your program, contact the Assessment and Curriculum Support Center.

12. Can I go back and edit, modify, or add to the report?

Yes! You can modify your report until the deadline.

13. Can I submit the report we gave to our professional accrediting agency?

Sorry, no. However, you can cut and paste the appropriate sections from the accreditation report into your assessment report.

14. Do I have to enter separate reports for EACH degree program? Why?

Yes. The goal of assessment is improved student learning and improved programs. For assessment to achieve its goal, a program needs assessment results that are specific to that program so it can make appropriate adjustments as necessary. Thus, the reports are by degree program.

If similar activities occurred in your degree programs, you may use the “Copy Report” feature to quickly copy information from one report to another. Then, modify the information as needed.

Contact the Assessment and Curriculum Support Center to discuss your particular situation.

15. How do I use the “Copy Report” feature?

Please carefully follow the instructions here for making a copy of an existing report for a new report. Note: Copying from a report will replace everything in the new report with the source report content.

16. Can I get feedback? When?

Yes. A pop-up will appear as you input the assessment report: click “YES” to request feedback.

Faculty volunteers will read your report and provide feedback. Typically, feedback is distributed in February. (We apologize for the delay but the December break and beginning of the semester slow us down.)

If you want feedback on a draft report, email or directly contact Monica Stitt-Bergh or Yao Hill.