Summary Reports of Assessment Activities

Campus Assessment Activities (2018 report summary)

 IndicatorPercentage of Degree Programs*
1Engaged in Assessment Activities86%
2Program Student Learning Outcomes Exist95%
3Program Student Learning Outcomes are Published94%
4Submitted Curriculum Map86%
5Collected Direct Evidence of Learning80%
6Collected Indirect Evidence of Learning45%
7Have Learning Achievement Results for Most of Their Program Student Learning Outcomes 67%
8Used Assessment Results77%
* Number of degree programs that reported divided by the total number of degree programs (N = 237)

Educational Effectiveness Indicators 2008-2019

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Assessment Activities 
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Individual Program Reports
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2017 not applicable*2017 not applicable*
2016 not applicable*2016 not applicable*

* Reports were not collected from all programs in 2016 and 2017.

Mānoa Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

Assessment Office Activities

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
2018 F2019 S
2017 F2018 S
2016 F2017 S
2015 F2016 S
2014 F2015 S
2013 F2014 S
2012 F2013 S
2011 F2012 S
2010 F2011 S
2009 F2010 S
2008 F2009 S

updated 12/17/2019