To find your academic advisor, simply find your major.

How does advising work at UH Mānoa?

UH Mānoa’s colleges & schools use different advising models. In general, all students at UHM have two main advisors, although in some cases, the two advisors are the same person:

  • A college/school advisor
  • A major advisor

College/school Advisor

UHM students are housed in one of 15 colleges or schools, and it is the college/school advisor who tracks their progress.

These advisors explain University policies and procedures, handle academic probation issues, and graduate each class of students. Some college/school advisors handle admissions, transfer evaluations, petitions for exceptions, and registration issues, such as withdrawing and adding classes. In some units, the college/school advisor also helps students clarify life and career goals, create academic and educational plans, learn decision-making skills, and solve problems impacting their education.

Your college/school advisor is a valuable resource who can help you navigate the University system. Meet with this advisor at least once a year, preferably once each semester.

Major Advisor

Once you have declared a major, you will be assigned a major advisor, who will oversee your progress in your discipline. Major advisors help with registration planning, integrating internships and research opportunities, applying for scholarships and fellowships, as well as exploring and preparing for your career goals. In some colleges/schools, your major advisor will be your primary advisor.

Your major advisor is your link to your academic discipline. Meet with this advisor at least once each semester. To find your major advisor, contact your college/school office.

Special Populations & Programs

Students who belong to a special population or who are pursuing special programs may have additional academic advisors (e.g., TRIO Mānoa, Honorʻs Program, etc.) These advising services all have different requirements and recommendations, so be sure to contact each service or program right away to learn your requirements.