Class-related room reservations

In addition to courses, the University Scheduler also reserves rooms for class-related events during the Fall and Spring semester. This includes study/review sessions, thesis/dissertation defenses, and guest speakers for classes not open to the public. To schedule a class-related event in a general use classroom during the Fall or Spring semester, fill out this Google Form or email with the following information:

  • Related course subject and number
  • Your name and email
  • Department
  • Time and date
  • Expected head count

Summer and Extension

To reserve a general-use classroom or auditorium for a class-related event during the Summer and for Extension classes in fall and spring, please contact: Outreach College (956-7221), email requests to

Other reservations

For room reservations not related to a specific class, please visit the Work Coordination Center (WCC) website (or go directly to their Reservation Request Form). Examples of reservations that are not class related include:

  • department meetings
  • a lecture series
  • orientation
  • workshops
  • RIO events