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  • BA, PhD, Columbia University
  • M.Litt., University of Oxford


  • THE GREEK EXPERIMENT: IMPERIALISM AND SOCIAL CONFLICT: 800-400 B.C. (Thames and Hudson, London l974 and Harcourt Brace, New York l974 (hard and paper). []


  • KINSHIP AND POLITICS IN ATHENS 600-400 B.C. (Peter Lang, New York) 1990. []
  • JEWISH HISTORY IN 100 NUTSHELLS (with Naomi Pasachoff) (Aronson, New York 1994) paperback 1996 []



  • CONCISE HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE (with Naomi Pasachoff) Roman and Littlefield 2005 []



  • THE BOOK OF TOBIT (introduction, translation and commentary) Brill, Leiden, Holland publication date expected 2004 (in Septuagint Commentary Series) []


  • THE THEBAN PLAYS (with Ruth Fainlight) Johns Hopkins University Press 2009 [Amazon]



  • “Epidemiology of the Plague of Athens,” (with D. Morens) TAPA 122 (1992) 271-304.
  • “The Menetekel Inscription in Rembrandt’s Belshezzar’s Feast,” Oud Holland 107 (1993) 296-297.
  • “The `Thucydides Syndrome’ Reconsidered: New Thoughts on the `Plague of Athens,’ (with D. Morens) Am.J.Epidemiology 140 (1994) 621-628.
  • “Medicine in Alexandria,” in Aufsteig und Niedergang der römischen Welt II, 37.3 (1996) 2678-2708.
  • “Athens, Persia and the Book of Ezra, TAPA 125 (1995) 251-259.
  • “Aids and AAA in Egypt? Emerging Infectious Diseases 2 no. 4 (1996) 363.
  • “Hellenic Holocaust: A Historical Clinico-Pathologic Conference,” (with D. Durack, M. Benitez, P. Mackowiak) American Journal of Medicine 109 (2000) 391-397.
  • “Dor and the Athenian Empire,” American Journal of Ancient History. Forthcoming

Selected Awards

  • Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching
  • Herodotus Fellowship, Institute for Advanced Study
  • Elected, Member, School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J


Director, Tell Timai Excavation, Timai el-Amdid Egypt 2007-present

Current Research and Professional Projects

  • Codex Sinaiticus Curatorial Committee |
  • Septuagint studies, Greek history, history of Greek medicine, Egyptian medicine, Greco-Roman Egypt biblical history,

Current Positions

  • Trustee, Archaeological Institute of America 2010-present |
  • President, Archaeological Institute of America Hawaii Society 1996-present

Courses Taught

  • Greek and Roman Mythology
  • Upper level Greek and Latin languages
  • Egyptian language
  • Greek and Latin Roots of Medical Terminology
  • Hebrew

Sakamaki Hall A-304

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