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Fudan University

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Spring Semester & Academic Year


Fudan University in Shanghai, China, was founded in 1905 and originally named the Fudan Public School. It was granted the status of a private university in 1917. Today, Fudan has a 30,000-strong student population with international students comprising around 15% of all undergraduates. The university offers 70 undergraduate degree programmes across the arts, humanities and sciences, and prides itself on having an international outlook. A number of its courses are taught in English and the institution boasts global connections and exchange programmes with almost 200 overseas universities. Study abroad schemes are encouraged at Fudan, with 40% of undergraduates electing to embark in international exchange. Outside the classroom, there are over 300 clubs and organisations for students to get involved in.

Academic Details:

Fudan University is a comprehensive research university with 10 disciplines including philosophy, economics, education, literature, history, science, engineering, medical science, and management. Fudan takes pride in its balanced strengths in arts, science, and medical science. (Source:

Housing Details:

University-administered accommodation is available for exchange students, however, it is not guaranteed. In order to be considered, students must apply online. The e-booking system will usually open one month after your admission; no earlier applications are allowed. If students are not able to book a room in the Foreign Students Dormitory, the following off-campus housing resources are recommended by Fudan University:


  • Sophomore standing
  • 3.0 cumulative GPA

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