Classics, at one time the basis of Western university instruction, combines the study of ancient Greek and classical Latin in the original languages—the two languages making up the core of every Classics program in the world—and provides the foundation for a truly multicultural curriculum at UHM, since one cannot really claim to have such a curriculum without including in it the greatest intellectual influence on Western culture, hence world culture.

Latin gave rise to the Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, etc.) and helps students fully understand their linguistic features; Greek and Latin provide vital background for studying English literature—from Chaucer, to Shakespeare, to Milton, to Keats, to Tennyson, to Eliot, etc.; Greek provides doctors with the language of medicine, and Latin furnishes lawyers with the language and the foundation of the modern legal system.

UHM is the only institution of higher learning in Hawai‘i that offers a BA in Classics and a Certificate in Classics (click tab under Classics entitled “undergraduate” for a description of the respective requirements); students may also take courses taught in English offered by this and other departments that can enhance their knowledge of the Greco-Roman world—courses in Greek/Roman literature, mythology, history, philosophy, art, etc.


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