More of Hamilton's collection is now available through Hathi Trust

HathiTrust is the largest digital library in the world. University of Hawaii is a member and students and faculty regularly have full access to the 7 million items that are in the Public Domain. HathiTrust has taken the important step and opened up copyrighted material in their digital library to member institutions with copies of those items in their physical collections. This Extended Access will endure during the COVID crisis.

For University of Hawaii students and faculty they now have digital access to approximately 40 percent of Hamilton Library’s physical collection, as well as the 7 million items in the Public Domain from research libraries across the United States.

  • To take advantage of this resource: Visit and click the yellow “LOG IN” button.
  • Select “University of Hawaii” and log in using your UH login credentials.
  • Use the site to locate the item you wish to view.
  • Full View items allow you to download the PDF
  • Temporary Access items allow you to read only. Click on the Temporary Access to Check Out the item through the Emergency Temporary Access Service.

You will have 60 minutes of access to the book during any session. If you remain active in the book during any session, access time will be extended. You are not able to download the book you may only read it online in an active session while using HathiTrust. This is to protect the author’s rights.

Update June 2021: HathiTrust Extended Temporary Access Service will end on August 22, 2021

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