Changes to OneSearch Results

Aloha UHM Students, Faculty, and Staff,

During the winter break, the UHM Library made a change to how OneSearch delivers search results to you. We changed the search results from its current “Expanded” mode to a more refined “Filtered” mode.

screenshot of expand my results button

A quick explanation of the differences:

Expanded Search (current) includes:

  • Physical library holdings
  • E-Resources immediately available online
  • Other resources not immediately available, but possibly available through interlibrary loan

Filtered Search (implementing during winter break)

  • Physical library holdings
  • E-Resources immediately available online


  • For those who prefer the Expanded Search, the Filtered Search results can be changed to Expanded by clicking the “Expand My Results” toggle that will appear at the top of the search results on a desktop or laptop screen, or at the top of the Filter options when you click the Filter icon (shaped like a funnel).
  • This change will only affect the “Everything” search scope, which is the default search scope. Searches using the “UHM Library” or “All UH Libraries” search scopes will be unaffected.
  • Additional information can be found here.
  • Links: Simple Search and Advanced Search

Any questions can be directed to the Library’s OneSearch Primo VE Committee via its chair Brian Richardson.

Naomi Chow
Margaret Joyce
Dore Minatodani
Brian Richardson, chair (
Lori Ann Saeki
Arthur Shum

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