Evaluating Workshop

Evaluation Chart (leads to PDF)

Red Hill

Marriage Laws



Sex Robots

Purebreed Dogs

3D Farming

Eating Insects

Jenny McCarthy’s Controversial View on Vaccines

Photoshop Transformation – Bikini

Photoshop Transformation – Dove Beauty – right click on this link and “open in new tab” or “new window”

Shining Trailer 1

Shining Trailer 2

Swiss Spaghetti Harvest

Internet Workshop

How Search Works Video


Coldplay / Satriani / Verdes/ Stevens

Creaky Boards – Songs I Didn’t Write

Shining Trailer 1

Shining Trailer 2

Intro Videos

AGT: Most Dangerous Act

AGT: Metal Youth

AGT: Victoria

BGT: Eye Popping Man

BGT: Hayashi

BGT: Regurgitator

BGT: Ashleigh & Pudsey

Chainsaw Stunt

Cockroach Blowing

Dangerous Chairs

Komodo Dragon Chases Man

Jackass The High Five

Jackass Toro Totter

Japanese: Food Passing Game

Japanese: Marshmallow Game

Japanese: Food Stacking Game

Pantyhouse Tug of War

Scary Snowman #1

Stupid Game Show Answers

Tape Face

Ultimate Fails

What’s in the Box


Plagiarism Game

Web Site Evaluation

MLA Master Blaster

MLA Citation Game

UHM Library Avoiding Plagiarism Game

Rutgers 1. What is Plagiarism, 2. Plagiarism: Real Life Examples, Rutgers 3. The Cite is Right: The Quiz Show

Primary Sources & Secondary Sources

Developing a Research Question

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Old Evaluating Videos

Controversy Over Circumcision FOXNews com

American Academy of Pediatric on Circumcision

Australia 60 Minutes

Circumcision – How to Decide

Circumcision Debate Reignited

Issue: Are Trap-Neuter-Return programs an effective way to manage feral cat colonies?

Video introducing the topic (Alley Cat Allies)

Ally Cat Allies

PETA What-is-PETAs-stance-on-programs-that-advocate-trapping-spaying-and-neutering-and-releasing-feral-cats.aspx

Humane Society


Trap Neuter Return

Indy Feral

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Audubon Society

Vox Felina

Letters to the Editor – Use Cats to control Rats (July 30, 2012) (PDF)

Letters to the Editor – Don’t Rely on Cats to Solve Rat Problem (August 2, 2012) (PDF)

Letters to the Editor – It’s a Myth that Cats Kill Birds en Masse (August 14, 2012) (PDF)

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