Eggspert wireless classroom gaming system


Includes one base station, one teacher remote, a teacher's guide, six student answer buttons (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple), and one screwdriver (to access batteries).

Includes AC/DC adaptor for the base station

Requires 15 AAA (1.5 volt) batteries (2 per answer button and 3 for the teacher's remote). 1.2 volt batteries will NOT work. Batteries are NOT included. The batteries must be installed and removed by the patron.

Other Recommended Equipment

Rechargeable batteries from the Loanable Technology collection:


  • can be borrowed for 1 week, renewed for an additional week if there are no other requests, and is subject to the UH Libraries Circulation Policy
  • replacement cost: $90 + processing fee
  • pieces per unit: 9
image of Eggspert classroom game system


Loanable Technology

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