Photovoice 1.0

Lived Experiences: Out of Homelessness into Housing

November 26, 2018-December 10, 2018
Location: Bridge Gallery

Photovoice 1.0 Exhibit is being displayed in the bridge gallery currently until December 10 and Photovoice 2.0 will then be displayed until January 11th. The exhibit shows the work of 31 participants in the Institute for Human Services Housing First program, that took photos of their libes and wrote biographies to describe the difference of their lives before and after entering the Housing First program. The photos displayed the dramatic changes in their lives to help people understand homelessness and Housing Firstʻs approach to alleviating homelessness.

First set of framed photos of people and neighborhoods Second set of framed photos of people and neighborhoods An enlarged handwritten letter expressing thanks A poster of a letter by Lucie Lyons Long Radosavljevic

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