P-3 Culturally Unique Artists

The P-3 nonimmigrant classification is suitable for international artists who will come to UH temporarily to perform, teach, or coach, individually or as part of a group, under a production or program that is culturally unique. As the employer/sponsor, UH can file P-3 petitions on behalf of eligible individuals with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). An artist may also use an agent to petition for multiple P-3 sponsors across the U.S.

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Sponsoring a P-3 Artist

Step 1: UH agreement
Step 2: Determine P-3 eligibility
Step 3: Prepare P-3 request
Step 4: FSIS processing and union consultation
Step 5: USCIS processing
Step 6: Apply for P-3 entry (if artist is outside the U.S.)

P-4 Dependents

P-4 eligibility
Obtaining and extending P-4 status
Employment prohibited for P-4 dependents
Study permitted for P-4 dependents

Maintaining P-3 Compliance

P-3 duration
P-3 extensions
Changes to P-3 employment/event
Travel abroad and reentry to the U.S.
Reporting new home addresses to USCIS
Dual intent

Ending P-3 Sponsorship

Resignation (voluntary termination)
Dismissal (involuntary termination)
Lawful permanent residence is obtained