Examples of Embedded Assessment: Using Existing Student Work for Program-level Assessment

This workshop is a panel session on program learning outcomes assessment with faculty from Architecture, Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Science, and History

Facilitator: Monica Stitt-Bergh, Assessment Office

Spencer Leineweber, Professor, Architecture
Nathan Murata, Professor and Dept. Chair, Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science
Yuma Totani, Associate Professor, History

Level: Beginner
Format: Panel session with Q&A
Date/time/location: Friday, February 27, 2015, 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM, KUY 106

Collecting and evaluating existing exams and student assignments –called “embedded assessment”– is an excellent way to make program assessment manageable and meaningful. It builds on what faculty already do in their courses. Learn how degree programs at UH Mānoa use embedded assessment for program learning outcomes assessment from a faculty panel. Faculty from Architecture, History, and Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science will describe their process of using exams and assignments, offer strategies and tips, and explain how results are used to improve student learning and the program.