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$5.3M funding for world famous reproductive science lab at UH
Sep 15, 2019, Mānoa — UH Mānoa has received a $5.3 million grant to continue research for medical cures.
Lyon Arboretum Hosts Fall Break Nature Camp
Sep 13, 2019, Mānoa — This fall camp’s theme is “Going Green.”
Europe’s oldest lake traces 1.4 million years of Mediterranean climate
Sep 12, 2019, Mānoa — SOEST oceanography researcher Tobias Friedrich was involved in research analysis.
UH law school project helps set aside conviction
Sep 11, 2019, Mānoa — This is the third successful case pursued and argued by the Hawaii Innocence Project.
Are black holes made of dark energy?
Sep 10, 2019, Mānoa — UH researchers corrected an error to Einstein’s equations modeling the universe’s growth.
Hypertension in Native Hawaiians dramatically reduced by health intervention incorporating hula
Sep 8, 2019, Mānoa — UH Medical School study finds benefits of hula on health.
VNR: New clinical building at UH law school holds dedication ceremony
Sep 6, 2019, Mānoa — The $9.3 million building will serve as space for the growing clinical programs.
Finalists announced for University Librarian at UH Manoa
Sep 6, 2019, Mānoa — The candidates are scheduled to participate in two-day visits to campus in September and October.
Visitor industry leader Vieira donates $1 million to Shidler College for scholarships
Sep 5, 2019, Mānoa — The generous gift increases support for Hawai‘i students who plan to pursue a business degree.
Kilauea lava fuels phytoplankton bloom off Hawaii Island
Sep 5, 2019, Mānoa — Biological response hinged on unexpectedly high concentrations of nitrate.
Media Advisory: Formal dedication ceremony for UH law school's new clinical building
Sep 5, 2019, Mānoa — Program will start promptly at 3:30 p.m. with an oli and lei-cutting ceremony.
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