E Komo Mai!

Our programs in academic instruction, scientific research, and community education are possible only through the creativity, expertise, and dedication of our faculty and staff. We’re proud to support advances in plant production, food safety and security, and environmental protection to benefit communities in Hawai‘i, in the Pacific region, and throughout the tropics and subtropics.


Ahmad, Amjad BAssistant Extension Agent - Sustainable & Organic AgricultureAmjad Ahmad
Akahoshi, Kiersten SJunior Extension AgentKiersten Akahoshi
Amore, Teresita D.Assistant ResearcherTeresita Amore
Baldos, Orville CAssistant ResearcherOrville Baldos
Chen, Nancy JungJunior ResearcherNancy Chen
Deenik, Jonathan L.Specialist and ChairJonathan Deenik
Gutierrez-Coarite, Rosemary Assistant Extension AgentRosemary Gutierrez-Coarite
Hawkins, Jennifer Assistant Extension Agent DHHLJennifer  Hawkins
Kantar, Michael Associate ProfessorMichael Kantar
Kaufman, Andrew J.Associate SpecialistAndrew Kaufman
Kawabata, Andrea Associate Extension AgentAndrea Kawabata
Keach, James EAssistant Extension Agent - Ornamentals & Master GardenersJames Keach
Kirk, Emilie Assistant Extension Agent - Sustainable & Organic AgricultureEmilie Kirk
Kobayashi, Kent D.Associate Professor/Researcher. ASHS Fellow.Kent Kobayashi
Lau, Tina Junior Extension Agent/Master Gardner  
Leonhardt, Kenneth W.Specialist - Graduate ChairmanKenneth Leonhardt
Lincoln, Noa KekuewaAssociate Professor/ResearcherNoa Lincoln
Lutgen, Hannah C.Assistant Extension AgentHannah Lutgen
Maaz, Tai Researcher 
Matsumura, Kalani Junior Extension AgentKalani Matsumura
McDonald, Ty G.Associate Extension AgentTy McDonald
Motomura, Sharon AikoAssistant Extension AgentSharon Motomura
Muszynski, Michael G.Assistant ProfessorMichael Muszynski
Nagata, Norman Assistant Extension AgentNorman Nagata
Nguyen, Hue V.Professor/Soil ScientistHue Nguyen
Nguyen, Nhu H.Associate Professor/ResearcherNhu Nguyen
Paull, Robert E.Professor/ResearcherRobert Paull
Radovich, Theodore Extension Specialist, Researcher & Professor Theodore Radovich
Silva, Joshua Assistant Extension AgentJoshua Silva
Teves, Glenn I.Assistant Extension AgentGlenn Teves
Uyeda, Jensen YAssistant Extension AgentJensen Uyeda
Wieczorek, Ania Professor/Extension Specialist Molecular Ecology/BiotechnologyAnia Wieczorek
Wong Tavares, Kylie L.T.Assistant Extension AgentKylie Wong Tavares

Emeriti and Retired Faculty

Bittenbender, H.C. "Skip"Emeritus Extension SpecialistH.C. Bittenbender
Criley, Richard A.Emeritus HorticulturistRichard Criley
DeFrank, Joseph Researcher in Weed ScienceJoseph DeFrank
Fukuda, Steven K.Emeritus Co. Extension AgentSteven Fukuda
Habte, Mitiku D.Emeritus Soil ScientistMitiku Habte
Kawabata, Andrew F.Extension AgentAndrew Kawabata
Kratky, Bernard A.Emeritus ResearcherBernard Kratky
Manshardt, Richard M.HorticulturistRichard Manshardt
Miyasaka, Susan C.Professor of AgronomySusan Miyasaka
Nagao, Mike A.Emeritus ResearcherMike Nagao
Ogoshi, Richard MAssistant ResearcherRichard Ogoshi
Saulo, Aurora A.Emeritus Professor & SpecialistAurora Saulo
Yamakawa, Roy M.Extension AgentRoy Yamakawa
Yost, Russell S.Emeritus ResearcherRussell Yost