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Honolulu, HI 96822

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Email: ogoshi@hawaii.edu

Richard M Ogoshi

Assistant Researcher 




BS Agronomy & Soil Science University of Hawaii at Manoa
MS Agronomy Iowa State University
PhD Agronomy & Soil Science University of Hawaii at Manoa

Selected Publications:

  • Lee, C.N., G.K. Fukumoto, M.S. Thorne, M.H. Stevenson, Y.S. Kim, M. Nakahata, and R.M. Ogoshi. 2017. Nutrient compositions of sugarcane forages were influenced by season and the time of harvest. Dairy and Vet. Sci. J. 2(1):555579.
  • Meki, M.N., R.M. Ogoshi, J.R. Kiniry, S.E. Crow, A.H. Youkhana, M.H. Nakahata, K. Littlejohn. 2017. Performance evaluation of biomass sorghum in Hawaii and Texas. Industrial Crops and Products 103:257-266.
  • Meki, M.N., J.R. Kiniry, A.H. Youkhana, S.E. Crow, R.M. Ogoshi, M.H. Nakahata, R. Tirado-Corbala, R.G. Anderson, J. Osorio, and J. Jeong. 2015. Two-year growth cycle sugarcane crop parameter attributes and their application in modeling. Agronomy Journal 107:1310-1320.
  • Wells, J.M., S.E. Crow, R. Ogoshi, B. Turano, A. Hashimoto. 2015. Optimizing feedstock selection for biofuel production in Hawaii: CuO oxidative lignin products in C4 grasses. Biomass and Bioenergy 83:511-515
  • Illukpitiya, P., J.F. Yanagida, R. Ogoshi, and G. Uehara. 2013. Sugar-ethanol-electricity co-generation in Hawaii: An application of linear programming (LP) for optimizing strategies. Biomass and Bioenergy 48:203-212
  • Tran, N., P. Illukpitiya, J.F. Yanagida, R. Ogoshi. 2011. Optimizing biofuel production: an economic analysis for selected biofuel feedstock production in Hawaii. Biomass and Bioenergy 35:1756-1764
  •  Silva, J.A., R. Hamasaki, R. Paull, R. Ogoshi, D.P. Barthdomew, S. Fukuda, N.V. Hue, G. Uehara and G.Y. Tsuji. 2006. Lime, Gypsum, and Basaltic Dust Effects on the Calcium Nutrition and Fruit Quality of Pineapple. Acta Horiculturae 702: 123 – 131.
  •  Campbell, S., R. Ogoshi, G. Uehara, and Q.X. Li. 2003. Trace analysis of explosives in soil: Pressurized fluid extraction and gas and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. J. Chromatographic Science 41:284-288.
  •  Miyasaka, S., R.M. Ogoshi, and G.Y. Tsuji. 2003. Site and Planting Effects Taro Growth: Comparison with Aroid Model Predictions. Agron. J. 95:545-557.
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