David W. Chappell 夏普德

Professor, Religion
Director, East-West Religions Project
Sakamaki A312, 956-8569
Department: 956-8299; Fax: 956-9894
E-mail: dwchap@hawaii.edu

BA 1961, Mt. Allison University
MA 1965, McGill University
PhD 1976, Yale University

Professor Chappell has had a long-term interest in the boundaries between religious groups. His major research and publications have been on Chinese Buddhism, but he has organized Buddhist-Christian conferences and the society for Buddhist-Christian Studies, and is a founding editor of the annual journal Buddhist-Christian Studies (UH Press). Currently he is finishing a book on living and dying in Buddhist cultures.

China-related courses taught
Rel 203 Understanding Chinese Religion
Rel 207 Understanding Buddhism
Rel 308 Zen (Chan) Buddhist Masters
Rel 362 Buddhism & Christianity
Rel 661 Seminar on Chinese Religion

Selected China-related publications
T’ien-t’ai Studies. In progress.
Buddhist and Taoist Practice in Medieval Chinese Society. Honolulu: UH Press, 1987.